Second installment of Nothing

Remember way back to 19late80-orearly90somethings? Remember the R.E.M. song “Shiny, Happy People?” It went something like, “Shiny, happy people having fun. . .” Well, there should be a new song for grocery stores around the holidays, “Hungry, Grumpy People” that goes “Hungry, grumpy people buying food.” I’m not even kidding. A saw a man slam some diet Cokes down so hard I though they might explode. Really, really hard. He was not happy. . .and he didn’t have much food. . .which may have been why he wasn’t happy. But from his very loud diatribe directed at the store manager, it seemed as though he was particularly grumpy that someone in the express lane went back three different times to get things she forgot.

I’d have been a little miffed myself. . .

But. . .I had a roast and two happy kiddos waiting for me at home, so I just bought my goods and went on my merry way.

The roast is done. The cake is in the oven. Time to eat.


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