My nod to A.A. Milne: In which I announce my intentions regarding holiday poundage

So, here’s the deal. I could stand to lose some weight. . .in fact. . .my body demands it. Alas, this is not the time of year for that. I could REALLY decide that I WILL in fact lose weight despite that it’s Thanksgiving week and I am in charge of mashed potatoes and I make REALLY good mashed potatoes.

My answer? Give up on actually LOSING weight until after Thanksgiving is over. . .and I do mean completely over. . .including left overs. That would be like Saturday this coming Saturday. THEN work on losing a couple of pounds before Christmas. My other goal is to not GAIN any more weight between now and Saturday. How, exactly, to I propose to do that?

Exercise, my friends, exercise. If I cannot make the weight magically disappear, I can atleast walk off the excess calories I take in each day. That there is my plan. . .a two mile minimum walk each and every day this week. . .and we have a weather forecast that is primed and ready for that.

Off I go. . .so I can go to Outback Steak House tonight–but Tony and I are splitting the entree. šŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “My nod to A.A. Milne: In which I announce my intentions regarding holiday poundage

  1. The biggest revolution to me in the whole constantly-fighting-weight-gain thing is weighing every day. I KNOW it goes against everything we have ever heard/learned, but I can no longer lie to myself that “I’m just bloated” if the bloat lasts 5 days. I like knowing PRECISELY where I am — and I have learned what causes temporary spikes (PMS, LASAGNA!!, etc.) and what is a climb I need to fight off. Drink lots of water, too. That is another HUGE, easy trick in fighting off the weight climb. And, yes, you KNOW I think the exercise is not only a good idea — it’s mandatory!

  2. I’m with Sarah – I weigh everyday, and drink a ton of plain water. On average a full quart between morning and lunch, another quart during the afternoon and another throughout the evening after I get home from work.

    Of course, there are always exceptions… like T-Day week. I’m detoxing this weekend…

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