Stay Home and Play Day

When Victoria was 4 she started going to pre-school. She only went two days each week, and even though she could NAME all the days of the week, she wasn’t so good at identifying exactly which day it actually was. So we had other names: Churchday, Stayhomeandplayday, Gotoschoolday, Gymnasticsday, Gotoschoolday, Stayhomeandplayday.

Today is Stayhomeandplayday. . .sort of. We have to take the kids to Ed and Ruthann’s tonight, because tomorrow is Gotothefinancialplannersohecanlaughatourfutureplansday. We also have a gift card to Outback Steak House from our friends for whom we babysat a couple of weeks ago. I think they felt badly that Thomas got sick, but since none of us got sick it was no big deal. Either way, Tony and I have a free dinner and an empty house this evening. . . but we’ve been doing some hit and miss cleaning today in and amongst times of total non-productivity which involved me being introduced to the wonders of YouTube. I had seen several little pieces on other’s blogs from YouTube but didn’t know they actually would have stuff I really like over there. Somehow I ran across this Ben Taylor video which led me to a Livingston and James Taylor video which led me to several James Taylor videos. I was in Taylor Boy heaven!!!!

I don’t believe I’ve ever truly gone into detail about how much I really, really, really, really like James Taylor. I would go into detail as to WHY I like James Taylor so much. . .but I’d sound like one of those groupies who stands in line for hours to go to every single concert. . .and really I’m just groupie enough to have seen him only once in concert and to have worn out about three or four cassette tapes over the years. . .maybe five. . .until I got smart and bought some cd’s. So when I heard his son was out and about, I was intrigued to hear how much he sounds like his dad. . .and then there is the little clip of James and Livingston (his brother) Taylor together and they TOTALLY sound alike–except that Livingston appears to be a lot goofy, and James has sort of an understated reservedness about him.

Anyway–if you can get past the flip/flop/henna tatoo, the long early 70’s hair, and the deck shoes and late ’80’s striped shirt on Livingston, AND you enjoy an acoustic guitar in the hands of someone who knows what to do with one, then it will be worth your 15 minutes to listen to Ben, the brothers, and James alone. Who knew YouTube was for me?

I am off to clean up some more and make myself presentable for the masses.


3 thoughts on “Stay Home and Play Day

  1. I don’t remember you ever having gone to see JT in concert — but I’ve heard they’re great.

    Longing for stayhomeandplayday. Today was takeRileytobaseballcampgotoworklibraryandbankday. Better luck for me on… maybe Thursday?

  2. Saw him fall of ’88. . .and he’s just amazing. He comes to Houston every year. . .but it’s in August and at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion which has no air conditioning–and you have to sit on the hill–and there are normally either lots of skeeters or lots of thunderstorms. Plus, I’d have to go alone ’cause Tony doesn’t care for “Jimmy” as he calls him. I don’t mind doing a movie alone–even eating out alone–but a concert alone is just not gonna happen. Tony would go–but it would be wasted on him.

  3. My one Ben Taylor experience:

    My sister-in-law used to work at a small bank in Ojai. The bank received two invitations to a private Ben Taylor concert at the Pratt House (a typical, Ojai-an, nature-freak, retreat place, with beautiful mission era architecture and furnishings, and zen gardens). Somehow, nobody at the bank was able to go, so Cristin got the tickets. Then, somehow, my brother was unable to go with her, so I went. It was the most freakish display of Ojai opulance we had ever seen, and that’s saying a lot. Everybody was standing around congratulating each other on the new castle they just bought in Scotland (not kidding), or the new movie they had just wrapped, or the new wing they had bought for Villanova. It was sickening.

    But then, there were less than 100 of us, sitting on a perfect lawn in the foothills, about six feet from a barefoot Ben Taylor, who had lost his rock band in Phoenix, and who played the entire concert on his acoustic while the man in front of us made out with his wife and another woman in turns. Ben talked a lot about his mom and dad, and held testimonials between songs about the Ojai Youth Foundation, which is what we were there to celebrate, and which apparently is a place where kids can come and freely talk to someone other than their parents about the drugs they’re using and who they’re sleeping with and where they’re getting an abortion, and in return receive timid suggestions about safety and doctors, and funding. Wonderful. But at least the music was good.

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