While I wait

While I wait for Tony to get on his pj’s, I might as well tell you all that I have a cold. . .an annoying, nose running, sneezing loudly, raw-lipped cold. It wasn’t so bad until this afternoon. . .’til I realized that my allergy tablet was not working so it must, indeed, be a cold. Good thing, ’cause if that was bird poo earlier, I certainly didn’t smell it.

Of course, I barely tasted our mostly free dinner too. . .I got the gist but had to rely on Tony to tell me if it was truly as good and flavorful as I imagined. We stopped on the way home to get a jug of orange juice, some kleenex with lotion, and some Nyquil liquicaps. . .that’s my remedy for any cold–actually it’s oj, crackers, Nyquil/Dayquil, and chocolate icecream if you happen to have any or can talk someone into getting it for you.

We are going to watch a teeny bit of a movie, during which I will fall asleep, then wake up to haul my weary bones to bed. . .no kids in the house but a cold arrived in their stead. Bummer.


4 thoughts on “While I wait

  1. Isn’t that just the way?! You FINALLY get up and you get a cold! Are the cosmos conspiring against us lazy people? (not that you’re lazy, I am)

    Get well soon – love the Nyquil/Dayquil pills!

  2. Hey, me too! I don’t know why that’s a happy thought, but it is. I can’t do the cold medications, because even the day ones just knock me out, and I should probably be awake so the kids don’t burn the house down.

  3. Stephanie (in Big D)

    STOP WRITING RIGHT NOW! NO MORE! You are not allowed to blog until I have time to check and read everyday because I can’t keep up while I am with limited internet!! Stop I tell you.

    No really, I must wait and finish reading when I get home, but I have seen enough to see you have been run over by the flu truck. Much betterness and bed’rest to you, and if you can. take a quilt put into the yard and lay there with your face to the sun for nice quiet while/ the sun will help you fight those buggies too 🙂

    HUG and kiss (on the forehead) to you 🙂

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