Exercise and Cold update

I am still sick. . .and it’s moving into my chest. . .which it always does. . .ask Sarah.

I did not “go walking” today. . .rather I went:

to our financial advisor (he did NOT laugh at us–we are so happy)
to get the kid’s from my in-laws
home to eat lunch
to World Market for really good ginger snaps for Christmas presents
to Pappasitos for a gift card
to Toys R Us for a game
to IKEA (imagine an echo here for the cavernous size)
home on I-10 in 4:35 traffice
to Family Dollar for a Transformer
to Pet Co for crickets and turtle food
to Target (lots of stuff)
to Walmart cause Target was woefully low on the deoderant we prefer (lots of stuff and food)
BACK to Target for the prescription I forgot
home to have a very late supper and drink some liquids

All of that took 7 hours. . .that’s right. . .7 hours!!!!!! I left shortly before 2:00 and got back shortly after 9:00. I did it so I would not have to go ANYWHERE tomorrow or Thursday or Friday or Saturday. IKEA in and of itself was exercise enough–ask Stephanie–it’s like Super WalMart on steroids with two floors and no aisles so you have to meander through the ENTIRE thing. And it is a wonderful place to shop, but oh. my. goodness. So, I am considering all of that back and forth and to and fro while pushing heavily laden shopping carts my exercise.

(past) Time for more Nyquil.

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2 thoughts on “Exercise and Cold update

  1. All that absolutely counts as walking. And that 4:35 pm traffic – we did that too – between north of Fort Worth to Dallas on Tuesday… I don’t know HOW do you guys LIVE in that mess ???

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