Don’tcha just love it when. . .

. . .you are supposed to make 3 pies, but when you go to bake them you remember that you only have 1 (one) pie plate?

And all this after I SWORE I would not go ANYWHERE today. . .

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3 thoughts on “Don’tcha just love it when. . .

  1. I’m commenting on myself. . .just as I got to the end of the street, our neighbor came home. I had called her before I left to go to the store but no answer. Then she swooped down the street like the wonderful angel that she is and rescued me. I whipped the car around and hustled home. I was in her garage with her before she even got out of the car. Thanks, Hilda!!!!!

  2. I thought I had lost half my pie plates, so I got some more Pyrex ones on sale at WalMart. Then I found my originals at the church and in a drawer. Now I have seven. That’s a lot, even for me. But the nice thing is that I can bake pies for the neighbors and our friends, and not worry about getting the plate back. They keep coming back, anyway, though.

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