Even more of the same

4:25 p.m. House an indescribably mess. . .pies needing to bake-2. . .other desserts I WANT to make–1. . .gallons of tea to brew–4. Tony is splitting wood in the back yard with the kids runnig around him in circles. . .I keep picking up bits and pieces of junk at random intervals. I’ve not made such headway yet that I can tell it. You know how when your house is REALLY messy. . .and you clean it up. . .then you leave the room and come back later and are surprised that it is so straight? Yeah–that hasn’t happened yet.

I do not want tomorrow to be Thanksgiving. Not that I don’t want to give thanks/be thankful/spend ALL DAY WITH MY IN-LAWS. . .but that means it’s Thursday, and as everyone knows, Thursday runs seamlessly into Friday which means the weekend will be here before I know it which leads us to another Sunday night (which I do not like).

I’m supposin’ it would help if I stopped blogging every three or four hours. Yes? No? Yes.


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2 thoughts on “Even more of the same

  1. I’m not blogging. I’m commenting.

    Just so you know, that iced tea you just mentioned made my mouth water.
    It sure is warm here in Texas!

  2. Listen to me: Step AWAY from the computer! Take a nap. Then, if you feel like it, pick up. But I’m thinking that telling the world wide web less of your actions and actually having actions may make you feel a little better.

    You’re being sucked in. BAD.

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