And so it goes. . .

The week has gone quickly. . .and we’ve enjoyed it. We have watched “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” at least 5 times, and eaten our weight in turkey and pumpkin crunch–played board games at Nana and Papaw’s house, played Turkey Ball (my husband and his high school friends began having a Turkey Bowl and Donut Scarf 21 years ago when they were about 17–the tradition continues, though now it’s the offspring who are playing–the founders prefer to coach), had a cold that I could actually nurse without missing school, sort of reclaimed my kitchen and laundry area, talked to my mother on the phone about 6 times. A busy and enjoyable week for sure.

Darkness is falling outside–the kids and Tony are in the back yard–he is mending crab nets so when he tries to catch some tomorrow they don’t escape. Victoria is raking leaves into a pile while wearing her candy cane pajamas. Thad is sitting in the grass playing with a Chinese Yo-Yo–the paper ones that snap back–now he’s just beating it on the ground and waving it to and fro–possibly imagining his own Nascar race. . .time to fix dinner–hug children–take care of the husband.

Hope you had a good week too.

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4 thoughts on “And so it goes. . .

  1. WAIT JUST A COTTON PICKIN’ MINUTE!!!!!!!! The week isn’t over!! I still have ALL of Saturday — I get to go to my exercise class and finish up some outdoor Christmas decorating (it is supposed to be actual cold — in the 25* range — next weekend) and plan some for school. And, yes, I am waiting on my new microwave to come in.

  2. We’re home! While you were writing all that we were somewhere in Oklahoma on Highway 69, possibly just passing through Atoka.
    yes – we had a good week – at some point I may write a recap of sorts… I really do have a couple of funny stories to share – like W’s take on the “modern art” he saw at the Dallas Museum of Art, for example. (I’m still hoping he was not traumatized to severely…)

  3. Gee don’t know how I got so behind on reading your blog but I have now caught up, copied several recipes and will do better in the future at not getting so behind.

    I do hope you are feeling better.

    Georgia’s weather is just as goofy as Texas weather. A couple of days ago we had snow flurries today it is 74 degrees out there, perfect weather for picking out our Christmas tree wouldn’t you say? I sure wish it would get cold by this evening so it would at least seem close to Christmas when we start decorating it. The pool is still open, we could almost go for a swim today.

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