A discussion about colors

Victoria wanted to use the easle today (from Santa two Christmases ago. . .and Santa got it for $19.99 at IKEA). The following is what takes place in our house, car, tub, upstairs, back yard, couch, etc. on a daily basis. . .little machine gun bursts of dendrytes and conversation. . .Thad and I joined in at intervals.

“Mommy, I just found out what makes that ugly green color!!! Green and orange.”

“I think it’s moss green.”

“Yeah, that gwoss gween is called camofwauge gween. . .actuawy it’s not gwoss owuh ugwy. . .it’s just camofwauge.”

Wow Mommy! I made another type of green–another ugly green–it’s orange and purple! It’s a little darker.

“Yes, that’s forrest green.”

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, dat’s a nice name. . .you haven’t mixed puple and gween.”

“Well, Thad, I’ve mixed all of the primary colors and I’m just playing with the secondary ones.”

“Oh, I made a color that is unknown. I mixed purple and orange and got a very, very, very dark maroon. Daddy would like it. It’s Arnold’s color. (Tony’s school is Arnold–the colors are maroon and gold.) Oh. . .Anthony. . .Arnold . . .Anthony. . .Arnold. . .that’s good. I’m gonna need to get a piece of paper. I need to do some graphics. Yes, I need to do some graphics even though I don’t know what ‘graphics’ is.” (I think she meant graph.)

Later. . .chalk squeaking on the black board side. . .

“Thad, that’s very good. I can see your process.”

“What’s pwocess?”

“That means your work.”

From what I can tell, Victoria is drawing the seven continents and Thad is coloring them in with chalk. She is explaining to Thad that North America is, indeed, connected to South America.

An explosion of artistic learning in my little kitchen. There is silence now–they need to let the dendrytes connect.

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