By the way. . .

What is the deal with Blogger REALLY PUSHING the new “Beta Blogger?” I couldn’t get to the dashboard today until I had first clicked “No–I really am not interested in Beta Blogger.”

I hear wonderful things about WordPress, but it took me so long to learn Blogger, I’m not interested in packing up and moving until this summer


3 thoughts on “By the way. . .

  1. wordpress is easy, and you can import all your blogger posts so it’s like you were always with wordpress. Plus, with wordpress you can see stats, and blogger doesn’t (unless you add your own code)


  2. Alright, I want a discussion. What are stats? Is that like my site Meter stats? What’s Beta Blogger? Have we all switched? Will it stop me from having to put in my name and password EVERY TIME?

    Girls, I’m old and lost in the computer world…

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