The Gauntlet, down it has been thrown . . .

My ponderings from last night have elicited a request from Denise of West Texas. . .I was askin’ about Blogger and commented on what I’d heard regarding WordPress. . .and Stephanie (who uses WordPress, and very beautifully I might add) said the following. . .

WordPress is easy, and you can import all your blogger posts so it’s like you were always with wordpress. Plus, with wordpress you can see stats, and blogger doesn’t (unless you add your own code) 🙂

So, Stephanie or any other WordPress/TypePad/Beta Blogger users. . .fell free to weigh in and answer Denise’s questions. I already know that Mouse CAN-NOT-STAND Beta Blogger. . .read it on her blog. . .

Denise says. . .Alright, I want a discussion. What are stats? Is that like my site Meter stats? What’s Beta Blogger? Have we all switched? Will it stop me from having to put in my name and password EVERY TIME? Girls, I’m old and lost in the computer world…
6:11 PM

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6 thoughts on “The Gauntlet, down it has been thrown . . .

  1. Okay, I’m completely missing the gauntlet — I must have not been looking when it got thrown. But, Denise, I think your cookies are disabled (I say this with the same sly/ whispery tone my kids use to say, “Your epidermis is showing!”) You shouldn’t have to enter your name and password every stinkin’ time. Somewhere along the way you should be able to check the box marked “Remember me!”

    Beta Blogger and stats? You completely got me on those. This much I have found out — went to b/c I thought it was like typepad, but no, I saw the VERY important word: “FREE”. So, maybe worth a shot. Blogger has been good to me (when it feels like it), but Roxanne wade on over to wordpress and tell us how it is.

  2. Stats, yes, like sitemeter stats, sort of. You can still add a sitemeter stats “widget” but even if you don’t, in your wordpress dashboard you can click Blog Stats and see how many page views you are getting per day and referring urls (which is cool, showing where folks are clicking to find your blog.) Blogger has nothing in the way of free stats, at least not yet.

    Also, Beta Blogger, Denise, is just Blogger’s “new and improved, souped-up version. It’s easy to ‘convert’ and once you do you can utilize things like adding “categories” to your posts – which, by the way, WordPress can do too!

    As far as entering your name and password every time, like Sarah said, just check the box that says “remember me” and make sure you have cookies enabled.

    Whew! That was a lot of geek speak. I’m outta breath now. Must. Go. Draw. A. Picture.


  3. Poor Stephanie – she’s the artist and she’s teaching us all about computer stuff 😦

    WordPress is FREE!? Do I get better templates, cause I’m tired of the one I have.

    Thanks for helping, yall. Any more info?

  4. I watched my husband set up his wordpress blog and tweak it out for the youth. The ease of use on the templates all depends on which template you use, and how much you want to alter it. He started out with one that really wasn’t meant for tweaking, and later switched to one that let him do whatever he wanted. It turned out pretty cool. I’m just scared that if I switch I’ll lose my blog entirely, which is probably irrational.

  5. Roxanne sorry I changed by blog on the Beta thing a bit, I decided it was way to harsh and they might erase me but your right I am sorry I ever switched and now I can’t switch back, in fact if you start a blog right now you get Beta, no choice. And yes I have to log in each and every time and go to different freaking pages to do it and get completely logged in. And I do press each and every time the remember me button but it doesn’t remember me, it is worse than my old granny when she had all-timers (spelling ??).

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