Blogger is being a little tetchy tonight and keeps saying it can’t publish my last post–even though it is VERY clearly there. . .but the linky doodle they have doesn’t work, so if you want to find out how many people have YOUR name, go here. With my maiden name, there are 22 of me.

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2 thoughts on “Cantankerous

  1. Man. I have 129 with my maiden name, and 103 with my married name. And each one has at least one actress and an artist as well. But my blog comes up first if I google my married name. Ha!

  2. I found you via Boo Mama.

    I’ve had Techie problem with blogger today. I’ve tried to post two picture and just can’t get them up.
    So I’m throwing in the towel so to say.

    I did the name thing
    Only one person has my first name and maiden name. I’m wonder if it me.
    Two people has my first name with my married name/

    Oh lucky world I wouldn’t want to many of me floating in this world…lol

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