Thad’s Lament

As mentioned on previous and various occasions on my blog, Thad has some speech impediments. It is just a part of our every day lives. . .we can understand him almost all of the time, but it’s still pretty thick. I especially notice it when I see him on video. . .

Anyway, tonight I was sitting in my office (which is JUST LIKE Fonzie’s office and seems to be where my children love to have meetings with me) and Thad bounces in all happy. He’s telling me about his day and showing be what he got to choose from the treasure BOX (not chest) because he stayed on “gween” all week, when out of nowhere he mournfully wails,

“But I nevuh get to say the cwap!!!!!!!! Gwegowy says the staw cwap, and a fiyuh wuk cwap, but I NEVUH get to say the CUH-WAP. The teachuh says you need to make up yuw own cwap.”

I was trying very hard not to laugh while Tony was failing miserably at the same thing over at the sink.

He, of course, was saying CLAP. . .but it was humorous none-the-less

Of course, I’m kind of glad he doesn’t get to say the cwap. . .and I have no doubt that some day he will be very good at making up his own cwap. . .but tonight he’s practicing the snowman clap of his own creation.

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3 thoughts on “Thad’s Lament

  1. Well, Rebecca, here in Cy-Fair country there are all sorts of “claps” that teachers in elementary schools like to do. . .the fireworks clap is when you clap your hands together once and then make falling “firework/twinkling” motions with your fingers like fireworks going off in the sky and then falling down. OR if that one doesn’t suit your fancy, you can give someone a “round of applause” by clapping in a circle OR, my personal favorite that I just saw this fall, you can give somone a “WOw.” Hold your mouth open as though astonished and on either side of your open mouth, hold up three fingers–like the peace sign with an extra digit. . .if you look in the mirror, you will see that you are spelling WOW with your mouth and hands. . .the ingenuity knows NO bounds.–>

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