Next I’ll need an ear trumpet

I have a very good memory. This is not conceit–it is fact. It’s the one thing I’ve got goin’ for me besides my very thick hair. . .and this afternoon after an exhausting day of school as I was RUNNING from my portable to go and get Thad so he could get some new underwear. . .I had a wonderful idea for a blog topic–so wonderful, in fact, that I decided I would use the time that my family was at a roller hockey game (which is right now) to blog it. . .

. . .but forgot it. I sat there during dinner and tried to remember it. . .I tried and tried and tried. . .to no avail. It’s gone. Poof!!! It is but a memory buried deep within the recesses of my brain–my very good brain that cannot, at this moment, remember an idea I had only 4 hours ago. And there is no one standing at my elbow asking to play or asking me where they put something or to come and sit on the couch with them. . .I am free to blog until the cows (or atleast my family) come home, and the idea has scurried away like a frightened bunny.

So, I will, instead, make a list of things I like. . .there are so many.

*Homemade Hidden Valley Ranch Original Ranch Dressing–you don’t even have to buy buttermilk

*Bob’s miniature candy canes. . .not trying to milk last night–they are just truly the best candy canes EVER

*Hugging my boy–he got so tickled at something he did last night that he was giggling uncontrollably and had to run straight into my arms for a hug–much like when he used to cry uncontrollably–except he was happy. . .so happy

*Watching Victoria sleep–it’s the only time she is still my baby

*Getting e-mail from Tony during the school day–we have to check our e-mail often for messages from the office, other teachers, etc. I love it when there is one from him waiting for me. It is normally a subject line only–and the subject line normally says, “I love you.”

*Iced tea–Lipton–1/2 caf/1/2 decaf with pink sweetener–like the dressing, I make my own

*Christmas lights

*My pajamas. . .and my bed. . .and my pillows

*Talking to my Momma

*Having a Saturday with nothing planned and nowhere to go

*My miniature Christmas Village

*A clean kitchen when it’s been so messy that you forget you cleaned it and it’s a surprise when you go in and find it clean. . .

*A large diet Coke from Sonic

*A really good book–even if I’ve read it 5 or 6 times

*Romantic comedies–mainly Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, and Meg Ryan. . .is there anyone better at those than them?

*White, cotton socks

*My gray sweatshirt jacket–way, way cozy

*When I make my students laugh. . .now is the time of year when the relationship is actually gelling–and even if class is rough, they all say “Goodbye, Mrs. Teacher. See you tomorrow.” And you can tell that they like you

*A good laugh

I think that’s it for now. Maybe if I go watch a romatic comedy under my Christmas lights while I drink a diet Coke my original idea will come scurrying back for another try.


One thought on “Next I’ll need an ear trumpet

  1. I SO know the feeling. I must know the feeling more often than you do, because I suffer from a deplorable memory, and unless I write things down that very instant, they’re as good as lost, or irrevocably altered beyond any truthfulness. Sigh. And I agree with you about Tom, Meg, and Sandra. But if we’re not talking about comedy, then I’d say the best (recent) romantic players were Kiera Knightley and What’s-His-Name from the new version of Pride and Prejudice, which taps the good book category as well. So yummy. 🙂

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