If you like some salty with your sweet

I have mentioned Joshilyn (pronounced Josslyn) Jackson here before. I cannot even remember how I found her blog, but I have read both books she has in print and will read the other as soon as she finishes it. Anyway. . .if you like some good blog writing, go to hers from time to time.

Today she has a lovely post about her mother. From there I clicked on the link to a similar one about her father. And from there I went to this one that made me laugh so hard I activated my asthma and strained a rib. It’s probably really not THAT funny. . .but it struck me as so when she got to the part where her 8 year old chimes in.

Anyway–much like Boomama or Antique Mommy, it’s better reading than anything that would come from my keyboard tonight.

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5 thoughts on “If you like some salty with your sweet

  1. LOVED the fender-bender account. My mother in law thought I’d flipped my lid when I kept laughing that hard. I just might have to read one of her books now. Is Gods in Alabama the better pick?

  2. Something tells me you’d enjoy Jackson’s gods in Alabama, Rebecca. I haven’t read Between, Georgia, though, so I don’t know how it compares.

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