Six weird Things About Me

So Sarah tagged me to list 6 weird things about myself. . .she didn’t PERSONALLY tag me. . .but said to consider myself tagged if I was reading her blog–which I do daily for the most part. ..and since I added several things to her list in my comment, then it’s my turn to play. . .and I’m hoping Sarah is feeling merciful when she comments about this. (Yikes!!!!)

1. I am very flexible. As in physically flexible. That may not seem very odd, but I am not a small girl. . .in fact, I am a rather substantial girl but flexible I am. My favorite position for putting on makeup is with my right knee resting on the counter and my foot pointed back toward my body. Weird I tell ya.

2. I make piles–piles of laundry–piles of paper–piles of letters–piles of things to put away–piles, piles, piles. . . my name should be Gomer.

3. I am an introverted extrovert. I can hold a conversation with ANYONE. I can have someone I have never met telling me their darkest family secrets within 20 minutes or less of meeting them. . .but I’d rather be at home either alone or with just my family.

4. I grew up in a home in the south with no central heat or air. . .none what-so-ever. We had gas space heaters and ONE window unit air conditioner and an attic fan. I guess that’s not really so weird (no, really it is), but how about this. . .I lived in that same house barring the years I was in college from the second I left the hospital until I got married–and my parents are still there AND I lived in a town with BOTH sets of my grandparents and we all went to church together an my brother and sister still live there. Yes, it still happens.

5. Some of my best friends were/are old enough to be my mother/grandmother.

6. I leave my shoes all over the place. My roommates in college complained about it. I can’t remember if Sarah and Julie complained–’cause they had their own crudola all over our duplex, but I currently have two pairs of shoes in the floor where I stepped out of them. . .you can even tell, by how they are positioned, which one I took off first.

7. *Bonus* If you haven’t noticed–I have a LOVE AFFAIR with various and sundry forms of lesser used punctuation such as the dash (–) and the ellipsis (. . .). Mrs. Avery could have cared less about my shoes since I never took them off in her Senior English class, but she was mortified by my overuse of the humble comma. So she suggested the — (dash) and unleashed the beast. It suits me though since I, against all suggestions by better writers than myself, write JUST LIKE I speak.

Okay–everyone chime on in–even you lurkers ’cause you can always click anonymous. . .What other weird habits do I have ????

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6 thoughts on “Six weird Things About Me

  1. I am weaning myself from the emdash. For a while it was my best friend, but the relationship grew unhealthy, and I decided to back away.

    And I wish I were flexible like that. I’ve wished for flexibility since I was in kindergarten. Sigh.

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