Call me Hester Pryne and give me my “A”

Infidelity. . .Fornication. . .Adultery. . .no, it’s not the latest episode of “Desperate Housewives.”

Got your attention? Well. . .let me lay it on you. I’m having an affair. . .with WordPress. That’s right. Go see the love child we have made together. I am thinkin’ of “going to find myself” over there seeing as how it has such new exciting options and all. I won’t be able to REALLY give Blogger the news until school is out for Christmas. . .but you can go and visit the baby if you like. If I truly do decide to give my heart to another, it will be quits for Blogger. . .I’m a one blog woman.

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3 thoughts on “Call me Hester Pryne and give me my “A”

  1. Oh, do you really have to go and turn on the guilt like that? First you’ll go, and then I’ll get all restless visiting you and your fabulous fabric header, and Stephanie’s photo loveliness and all. . . You’re only proving my husband right, you know.

  2. He’s always bagging on Blogger, because they make it so difficult to play with the code. He loves how on WordPress you can take a template and completely personalize it, top to bottom. He’s right, but I’ve already conceded that he was right about Linux and Firefox, so I don’t want him to think he’s on a roll or anything. 😉

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