Music is FUN!!!

Okay. . .so Stephanie and I are both “involved” in a little contest of sorts. . .and I’m not gonna tell you what ’cause I REALLY want to win. . .but she’s gonna beat me ’cause she has this great Meme see (and it’s pronounced dream–the mystery is solved for me ’cause I’ve been wondering). It’s below, and it’s fun, so either copy and paste to your blog or to the comments and let us all enjoy you through music. . .

Choose an artist (or band) and answer only in song TITLES by that artist: James Taylor

Are you male or female: Something in the Way She Moves

Describe yourself: Steamroller

How do some people feel about you: Don’t Talk Now

How do you feel about yourself: That’s Why I’m Here

Describe your ex boyfriend: Long Ago and Far Away

Describe where you want to be: Country Road

Describe what you want to be: Your Smiling Face

Describe what you want: Secret ‘O Life

How do you live: How Sweet it Is

Describe how you love: Everyday

Share a few words of wisdom: You’ve Got a Friend


2 thoughts on “Music is FUN!!!

  1. “How do some people feel about you: Don’t Talk Now”

    I’ve never even met you, but I can totally see the truth there. 🙂

    And as for your sin cookies. . . we’ve already renamed your Darn Good Chocolate Cake “Pure Evil Chocolate Cake.” (Where do you GET these things???) But that’s probably due in part to the fact that I went all the way with dark chocolate fudge Moist Deluxe mix, and dark chocolate fudge pudding mix, a la mode, with the sauce. RIDICULOUS. Jason took a picture of the batter, because I swear, it was alive. Now if only we could find our little card reader contraption, I’d post photos. Jason and his mom LOVED it, especially the next day, when it was more like a candy bar than a pound cake. Thanks for the tip!

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