*Update 10:02 pm 12/23. . .my creativity today consisted of completing one patchwork stocking and making another, making Thad a monster truck pillow case and a throw pillow out of bandanas for his bed, and making two sleeping bags (one for Curious George and one for Teddy) our of Matchbox and Hotwheels fabric to go with Thad’s small tent for Christmas. Oh–and I repaired ANOTHER pillow case that had lost a seam. . .I feel better now*

From Witty Words from Wise Women by BJ Gallagher

“If you ask a class of kindergarteners, ‘Who here is creative?’ a whole roomful of little arms will shoot straight up with a chorus of: ‘I am, I am!’
If you ask a class of sixth graders, ‘Who among you is creative?’ perhaps a third of the kids will raise their hands.
And if you ask a senior high school class the same questions, only a few hands will go up.
What is happening to our creativty? How did we lose faith in our own natural talents to think, create, solve problems, look at things in new ways, use our imaginations, make stuff up from nothing, dream, explore, fantasize, and invent?
As women, we must reclaim our innate creativity. . .we must encourage others to express themselves fully too. Creativity is important in everything we do in life, it’s not just relegated to spare-time hobbies. As Toni Morrison points out: ‘We are traditionally rather proud of ourselves for having slipped creative work in there between the domestic chores and obligations. I’m not sure we deserve such big A-pluses for that.'”

I am a very creative person. I can convince a 6th grade boy to entertain the thought of possibly, maybe liking a haiku because I wrote one for him about deer hunting. I can turn a whiny, moping 5 year old into someone who is settled and happy. I can turn a conversation on a dime when it is not going the right way. But I still yearn to do things that are beautiful–to make things–to create. Does anyone else ever just HAVE TO MAKE SOMETHING PRETTY???? It may not even serve any particular purpose other than to make ourselves or someone around us happy–but it must be done before your being shrivels up and dies????

I think it is our gift from God–because we are made in his image, and he is a creator, he made us to create as well.

What is the use of 500 shades of red? What is the use of red? Would a strawberry still taste as good if it were gray? Would it still be nutritious if it had no taste at all? Well, I think God thinks that 500 different shades of red are pretty. . .and that strawberries cried out to be shade number 326 and that the flavor of that tiny fruit is connected to its color.

So call me a little crazy, but I’ve been thinking about that lately.

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2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. That is so true. God made us in His image, and a huge part of His personhood is His drive and ability to create beauty, and to create beautifully. I LOVE that. Sometimes I wish I could run away to a cabin in Nova Scotia and dish out my entire novel in a few months of solitude, but then I think God gave me these people and these surroundings for a reason, and I see how the conversations and epiphanies of daily life and interactions are growing the story and characters into something valuable, worth writing. It’s just so hard to flesh out those big ideas in the allotted time. Or quilt even. But I did sew all my Christmas gifts, without procrasinating! (This is a major first for me.)

  2. I seem stuck on the same ole thing and I love it! It’s so much fun for me to sew and see the person LOVE it. I made a robe for the granddaughter of one of my friends and it was wonderful! All I could think about was ways to improve the next one – yes, I’m ready for the next one!

    Kenny was thrilled with his pajama pants, too. I’ve already cut out the next project and I’m starting to plan the Easter dress 🙂

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