Well, contrary to what I thought, we will not be going to see my family. My mom called at 10:15 to tell me that my sister came down with the bug this afternoon and Daddy seemed to be coming down with it as of 10:14.

So we are staying here. It appears to be highly contagious, and it takes about a day to get it and that would put one or all of us coming down with it on the trip home. Not a pleasant thought since it’s a 7 1/2 hour trip.

I have cried my cry. I will have to listen to the children cry theirs in the morning. After 15 years of living in this city and making it home for Christmas, I suppose missing one isn’t so bad, but I am sad. However, since we don’t have to leave early tomorrow, Tony and I are going to watch a movie. He’s trying to make me feel better.


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