Which today is not. . .

. . .as I saw Victoria rear her arm back then immediately heard her say, “Thad. Catch.”

To which I replied, “Do not throw that.”

And she, two feet away, pretended not to hear me and said, again, “Thad. Catch.”

And I said, “DO NOT THROW THAT. How clear was that?”

And she rightly said, “Pretty clear. . .can I toss it?”

And I said, with blood vessels bursting in my head and richocheting off the inside of my skull, “You may not do anything with that that is a synonym of throw, such as toss, fling, flick, hurl, etc.”

I am nothing if not a teacher.

All this while Thad chanted, “PILLOW FIGHT!!!!! PILLOW FIGHT!!!!! A pillow fight is when you take a pillow and you fight with it. You hit someone with a pillow and they hit you with a pillow and then it turns into a PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!”

I have sent them outside.

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4 thoughts on “Which today is not. . .

  1. Clever children! I also find myself uttering screaming the words “OUTSIDE!” more and more during the extended holiday breaks when the noise levels and horsing around seem to increase. “Go outside, Now!”

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