For my friend Amy with 3 boys. . .

You know you really, truly love a little boy when you HAPPILY learn to turn this. . .


. . .into this. . .


. . .and yea verily you dug through masses of falling boxes of these to find just the right one to make his little heart warble with pleasure in hopes that one day when he finds that little girl you’ve been praying for and leaves you, he WILL come home occasionally and still think you are the bomb-diggity of mommies. . .


. . .and as he passed by the computer and saw “Lugnutz” (they NAME these things) on the screen being pasted into the blawg, he said all breathless and hopeful, “MOMMY!!!!! DID YOU ACTIVATE HIM ON THE COMPUTER??????” . . .

. . .well that’s wuv–twuuuuuuuuuuuu wuv.

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2 thoughts on “For my friend Amy with 3 boys. . .

  1. I am laughing so hard my sides hurt! We had a Christmas full of nerf shotguns (Yes Tony they will fire back 🙂 ), remote control cars, airplanes, and pogo sticks. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Boys!

    Oh, and yes, I pray nonstop for the “perfect girls” who will trade their hearts with mine.
    Love you friend!

  2. Tee hee. . . You’re such a good mommy.

    P.S. My 7th grade English teacher introduced us to The Princess Bride movie, and since then I’ve seen it probably thirty times, at least. That’s my FAVORITE scene.

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