Indulge me. . .

Pink is my very most favorite color–not just ANY old pink–nice shades of pink. No Pepto Bismol please. That being said, nothing makes me (visually) happier than blue and white dishes. Blue and white dishes. . .ahhhhhhh. . .

So look what I found today. . .this website

AND they have my set of dishes. . .Arden by Burleigh. . .of which I own a 12 piece set INCLUDING all the fancy schmancy pieces. It’s my “good china.” LOOK. . .


Isn’t that PRETTY?????

And guess what??!?!?!?!?!?! They have it in PINK!!!!!!!!!


This place is a WONDERLAND of blue and white and red and white and pink and white transfer ware. Saints preserve us. . .

(And to keep me from going TOTALLY all girly-girl on you, Thad is humming the “1812 Overture” whilst playing with Lugnutz and spinning around and around in his sister’s hot pink twirly chair. Not. even. kidding. This is to keep me grounded, I’m sure.)

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3 thoughts on “Indulge me. . .

  1. omigosh, today when I was over at Tuesday Morning, looking for two pretty, albeit cheap, fluted wine glasses, I saw some of this lovely pink and white stuff, and I swear, I thought, “Oh, Roxanne would LOVE that.”

  2. I can’t find the pink stuff! But the pattern you have is gorgeous. It’s frilly but earthy at the same time. I love the red-and-white china (what is that called???), but it doesn’t match my current Gatorade-yellow kitchen.

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