100 Things About My Engagement/Wedding/Honeymoon

Seems I’ve been seeing lots of “100 things about” posts lately. . .and evidently you’re supposed to write one when you’ve done your 100th post? I’m way on past that. . .so in keeping with my request of you, I give you 100 things about my engagement/wedding/honeymoon. I thought I would do it in a couple of sittings, but it sort of all poured out, so pace yourself.

1. I met Tony through our friend Bryan.

2. If you follow the thread back to my freshmen year at Harding, I actually met him because of another friend named Steve. . .

3. . . .and through Steve I met Mark and Don. . .

4. . . .and Bryan and Don were roommates the 1st semester of my sophomore year. . .

5. . . .and Tony and Bryan met at church when Bryan came to Houston. . .

6. . . .from NEBRASKA. . .

7. . . .to go to Rice.

8. They struck up a conversation at church because Bryan noticed Tony wearing an Eagle Scout tie tack at church one Sunday morning.

9. I thought I wanted to marry Bryan.

10. I knew Tony’s name, address, and phone number by December of 1988.

11. He was Bryan’s contact info, because Bryan was staying with them before he left to study in Chile for a year.

12. I regularly spoke to either Tony, his brother, his sister, or his parents asking to speak to Bryan for about two years before Tony and I became friends.

13. This is incredibly funny, because during this time–during all of college–I was the girl every guy wanted to marry but no guy wanted to date.

14. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGED for God to show me a glimpse of who I might one day marry.

15. God had done better–He had given me his name, address, and phone number too.

16. God’s fingerprints are ALL over my marriage. I think God spent a lot of time laughing at me.

17. I met Tony for the first time February of my sophomore year when he came with Bryan for a visit.

18. He barely acknowledged me.

19. I thought he was a jerk.

20. He was.

21. He came to be roommates with Bryan’s brother, Aaron, the 2nd semester of my Senior year at Harding.

22. Bryan spent one semester at Harding.

23. Tony spent one semester at Harding.

24. What was the likelihood of me marrying either one of them?

25. Bryan told me to take care of Tony.

26. He did NOT intend for me to marry him.

27. Tony thought I was a little “out there” personality wise.

28. I was.

29. Tony sent me roses for Valentine’s day as a “thank you” for giving him rides places, etc.

30. He had never had a girl for a friend before and didn’t quite know what to do with me.

31. I thought the roses were for my roommate Kim whose fiance was in the Gulf war.

32. When I read that they were from Tony I called Sarah in Abilene IMMEDIATELY and said,


34. Tony and I did not date. . .ever.

35. We made out for four days at the beginning of May, then I graduated and he went back to Houston.

36. Then he left to go to Minnesota to work at a High Adventure Base as a canoe guide for the scouts.

37. He was gone on Treks in the wilds of Minnesota and Canada for days at a time.

38. He would call me when he came back. . .

39. . . .from a phone attached to a light pole in the middle of a field. . .

40. . . .with 20 other canoe guides lined up behind him.

41. It was the most miserable summer of my life.

42. I taught in Abilene for one year then moved to Houston.

43. We got engaged that December.

44. If it had rained too hard for us to take a carriage ride after dinner the night Tony proposed, he would not have proposed.

45. He likes things to be “just so.”

46. Have I ever mentioned that before?

47. For the first anniversary of our engagement, I suggested we turn our hazard lights on and drive the carriage route at 10 miles per hour in my little brown Honda Civic to reenact our Night ‘O Magic. We didn’t do it, but we still laugh about it.

48. He asked my Daddy for my hand over Thanksgiving break.

49. They went fishing that day and were in the boat together for 8 hours.

50. He didn’t ask Daddy until they turned down our road on their way back. . .

51. . . .which was a quarter mile from our house.

52. He was a little nervous.

53. There are LOTS of firearms in my parents’ house.

54. And Daddy celebrated my engagement by giving Tony one of them.


55. It was a .22 caliber rifle. . .a good, old-fashioned southern dowry.

56. We were married June 12, 1993.


57. Sarah was my maid of honor.


58. Mary Linda, Stephanie, Becky, and Robin were my bride’s maids.

59. I remember, very clearly, watching Tony and his groom’s men playing football in my parents’ pasture. . .

60. . . .while Sarah and Momma and I worked ourselves to death.

61. My Daddy was not interested in wedding plans IN THE LEAST until I arrived 10 minutes late for the rehearsal–with Sarah.

62. He decided right then and there outside the church building that he needed to be filled in on all of the particulars.

63. My Daddy is alive today thanks to Sarah–plus when he saw me in my dress for the first time, my crusty old Daddy said, “Well, you look like Sleeping Beauty awake.”

64. One of our teachers, Timms, was also outside the building with Daddy.


65. He was one of my favorite teachers, and his wife, Katrina, sang in the wedding.

66. Troy, Sarah’s husband also sang.

67. My parents do not drink anything stronger than black coffee. I don’t even drink black coffee. Tony’s dad also does not drink anything stronger than black coffee.

68. Tony’s mom thought it would be funny to make it “look” like a champagne toast was being served at the rehearsal dinner.

69. I did not.

70. But it was too late since she was already serving it. It was sparkling apple juice.

71. I was HORRIFIED. Tony was too. Neither of us had any idea that was coming.

72. My sister and my cousin spelled out “Here comes the Bride” in Oreos on my car windows in the wee hours of the morning the day of my wedding.

73. It was June in Lousiana, so I awoke to flies buzzing all around my car.

74. Nice.

75. My roses were supposed to be pink but the florist had gone out of town and had made my bouquet on Thursday, so several of them had turned gray.

76. I cried and cried and cried.

77. I wish I hadn’t.

78. Several people drove a really long way to come to my wedding–another teacher, David, friends, Lee and Lisa, parents of one of my bride’s maids who had watched me grow up, Sarah’s parents and grandparents, Max and Maxine, my friend Carolyn and her husband, and the dear Bible teacher who had known Sarah and me since we were in Jr. High performed our ceremony.

79. It was a very, very special day.

80. The air conditioner was not cooling the B & B where we had the reception.

81. I was wearing more clothes than anyone else.

82. The air vents were in the floor, so I found one that was working and stood over it and let the air blow up my skirt.

83. My dress was so poofy that Tony had to ram his arms up my skirt to his elbows to locate my garter.

84. We have pictures.

85. After we left the reception, we went across the street where I put flowers on my grandparents’ graves–my Granny that I write about so often and my Papaw.

86. It never occurred to me that someone in a wedding dress would look really out of place in a cemetery.

87. We spent our first night at a lovely B & B in Vicksburg.

88. No one should ever do this.

89. We were late for breakfast much to the amusement of the three middle-aged couples also staying there.

90. The maid who was cooking our breakfast was NOT amused.

91. A tour of the antibellum home was included in our stay.

92. Tony assured me that the rooms of the guests would not be a part of the tour.

93. He was wrong.

94. The mild amusement of the middle aged couples turned to out and out indisguisable laughter when they saw the state of our room.

95. It looked like we had a wonderfully raucous time becoming man and wife.

96. The truth was we were exhausted slobs and didn’t care where we threw the coverlet for our bed or our clothing.

97. The proprietor of the B & B wouldn’t let us leave until he had washed our car windows for us. He was worried we couldn’t see through all of the shoe polish. I forgave him for showing my room on the tour.

98. We spent the rest of hour honeymoon in Pensacola at the FiveFlagsMotelCheapestRatesGulfSide where Sarah and I had gone after I graduated from college.

99. And then we spent one night in New Orleans on our way back to our tiny apartment in Houston where we began our Grand Adventure.


100. And unlike the admant 36% and the uncertain 22%, I would marry him again and again and again and again. . .



11 thoughts on “100 Things About My Engagement/Wedding/Honeymoon

  1. Donna Wright

    Loved it! Not only do I like the way you wrote it, I like that I can “hear” you saying it! My husband keeps asking me what’s so funny. The oreos got me!

  2. 1. Tony writes in all-caps. I know this because he once wrote me letters about how he was running for some sort of office in Houston – alderman, I think. We were not friends or romantically involved. Just pen pals for a short time. This was before I knew Roxanne.

    2. Bryan dated my roommate Lesley for a while.

    3. I met Bryan at Love Field in Dallas when he was returning from Chile. He gave me an ocarina.

    4. I am not the Stephanie who was a bridesmaid at your wedding.

    5. Roxanne once had a crush on John. But it was when I was dating someone else.

    6. I’m glad she had a crush on him because we never would’ve met had she not.

    7. Roxanne is one of my best friends.

    What’s it called? Something about six degrees of separation?

  3. Donna–can’t you TOTALLY see my sister doing that and LOVING that I had to wash my car the morning of my wedding?

    Steph–it was for city council of Bellaire (position 5 Tony says). He had just turned 21 and one of his persuasive reasons to vote for him was that he had lived in Bellaire all of his life. 🙂

    Yes–HUGE crush on handsome artistic (future) fireman John. Oh. my. goodness. He had black hair and was very mysterious–I was hooked. I have recently found out from Stephanie that it was painfully obvious to him–but he was nice to me anyway. 🙂

    And SEE what I mean about God’s fingerprints. . .’cause not only did I get Tony AND Stephanie out of my collegiate experience, but Steve is the son of one of my other best friends in the whole entire world. . .and that’s how I ended up being blessed with her. She’s a lurker here on the blawg. . .but she knows who she is. 🙂

  4. Love the list! I don’t know how everyone is coming up w/ 100 things about themselves…I’m pretty sure that would take me a year to figure out. haha Thanx for stopping by my blog. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who pronounces colonel wrong in my head. haha..

  5. This arrived this afternoon from my friend Carolyn. . .

    “This is all I could come up with. The first years were actually kind of
    calm and uneventful! (editorial comment from Roxanne. . .calme except that they had TWO babies right off the bat. . .and Mike was in the military. . .)

    Our wedding went off without a hitch, even with the maid of honor singing a solo before the procession and sprinting out and into her gown
    before her turn to come down the aisle.

    We held the reception at my house and we made arrangements with one of Mike’s groomsmen to bring our car from behind the house around to the
    front (probably to keep it from being decorated) but when we came running out through the shower of rice, there was no car! We have a
    picture of us standing in the street, suitcases in hand, looking for some sign of the car while the wedding guests stand around grinning.

    One of the other groomsmen took pity on us and loaded us in the back of his car, which was parked a couple of houses down, then asked us where
    to go. I think we probably said something like, “Just LEAVE!” We ended up going to the motel where Mike and his folks had been staying and called my house. The guy with our car eventually showed up with it at the motel. It had been an honest mistake, the driveways in our
    neighborhood all opened on to alleys in back of the houses. However, our alley had a fork in it and the friend had taken the wrong fork and
    ended up two streets over, he was unfamiliar with the area and it took him a while to figure out his mistake. Oh, and the car was heavily decorated!

    We have been married for 38 1/2 years now and of course I would pick him all over again!

    If you really ‘follow the thread’… if Mike and I hadn’t married, there
    would have been no Steve….”

    (More editorial from Roxanne. . .which goes hand in had with Stephanie’s “6 degrees of separation theory. . .” )

  6. That’s so neat how God puts all the strands together, just so, to make things happen without our knowledge or understanding!

    And I would have been HORRIFIED if someone had walked into our B&B room the day after. Ugh!

  7. This was written/ posted on my daughter’s 11th birthday, when I’m sure there was a sleepover and a basketball game. I know I’ve seen it, but I love to see it again (someone found my blog from here). How did I keep you from injuring your father at the rehearsal dinner? Your daddy… A hoot.

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