And on the 7th day. . .

Where we attend church, each elementary class has different chapters of scripture that they memorize in certain grades. In second grade, they memorize Psalm 23 and something else. . .I’ll have to ask Victoria. In 3rd grade, they memorize Psalm 100 and Psalm 121. Victoria is now working on Psalm 121. I memorized it long ago by listening to Sarah say it over and over and over when she played Mrs. Frank in “The Diary of Anne Frank” our senior year in High School. I was Mrs. Van Daan.

Here we are having an argument–


because Anne caught my husband sneaking potatoes. Sarah and I were ALWAYS having to count out these potatoes in practice all the time–and they were ALWAYS wet–and we were ALWAYS like, “What is up with the wet potatoes?” Then IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAY, I figured out that the potatoes were wet because when Anne (played by Kari) and Margot (played by Jana) “cleaned” up the kitchen, they were dumping water from glasses down the sink and THERE WAS NO PIPE IN THE SINK, because IT WAS A PROP and it was not CONNECTED to ANY sewage system since it was in our CHAPEL at school. This discovery was incredibly funny–as was Sarah coming “downstairs” with her nightgown sticking out from under her dress because she couldn’t get out of it fast enough to make her entrance. Unfortunately, both the realization about the wet potatoes AND Sarah’s wardrobe malfunction dawned on me during the middle of opening night, and I ended up in near hysterics. It was at this moment that our director got IN MY FACE and told me that if I didn’t pull myself together we were ALL going down in a fiery collapse of amatuer high school production drama. (Remember: Digression is not something I’ve given up for the New Year.)

Anyway–I remember it from that. . .and here is what I remember. . .and I have to do the King James Version ’cause that’s what Sarah memorized.

“I will lift my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved. Yea, he who keepeth Israel does not slumber. He who keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. The Lord is a shade on they right hand. The sun will not harm thee by day nor the moon by night. The Lord will protect thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth and forever more.”

You can go here to see how well I did.

Anywhosits. . .Victoria is working on her chapter on the way to church Sunday morning. Tony is driving. I am monitoring the memory work. Thad is sitting in silence staring out his window.

Victoria has memorized through verse 4, so in a effort to extend the lesson that scripture might be teaching her and to fill in all of the blanks that God might have left empty, I say, “And what does that mean, Victoria?” And she says, “I don’t get it.” And I said, “What is this scripture saying about God?” And she said, “That he doesn’t sleep.” Which isn’t EXACTLY what I was going for. . .but was, indeed, correct according to the letter of the law.

So. . .I interject (just to make sure the expired horse is beaten beyond ALL recognition), “That’s right. God doesn’t ever sleep. Mommy and Daddy watch over you and Thad. But we get tired and have to sleep. Of course, if you need us in the night, we will be there to help you, but we would be sleeping first. God doesn’t do that. Sometimes Mommy needs a break–she needs to rest. But God NEEEEEEEVER needs a break. God NEEEEEEEVER needs to rest. . .”

And from the backseat Thad says,

“Yah-huh. . .IT SAYS aftuh he made-ed all the stuff he wested.”

And then I said, “Well, Thad, you’re right. It says God rested after all of his labor.”

And then I shut up.

And then Tony said, “I was waitin’ for that.”

So I guess, like his sister, Thad is paying attention too. Thank goodness.


7 thoughts on “And on the 7th day. . .

  1. I am HORRIFIED by the picture — and by the fact that people will be able to see that I wasn’t lying when I said my hair has been EXACTLY the same for 20 years.

    I know you and I are the only ones who enjoyed your digression/ jaunt down memory lane, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it — and there’s Chris Ciaschini AND I still know how to spell his name. Wonder where he is these days? You KNOW I’m Googlin’ next!

  2. Donna Wright

    Want to know something? I was there!!! I saw said play and it was good. Funny Sarah mentions being able to spell his name. Wasn’t that Mr Cody who directed?
    Thanks for sharing….even when your little one ends up with the zinger! : )

  3. S–Yeah–there is Chris looking rather pensively down at the (moveable) stage so ashamed as Peter that his father was stealing wet, moldy potatoes. . .oh, the humanity. . .I was also thinking of the two of us walking around and around and around that dark gym discussing our futures. . .

    Donna–GET OUT!!!! You were there???? No lie. Yes–Cody directed that play–and EVERY play I was in high school. Anne Frank was supposed to be spring of our Jr. Year–but there were issues–so we ended up with it fall of our Sr. Year. You are too kind to compliment a play about Dutch-German Jews being enacted by teenagers with very thick southern accents.

  4. That Thad may be “sitting in silence staring out his window” but he certainly is not SLEEPING either.

    PS – You can re-size your pictures in edit mode I have found out. When you’re in the editor space (whatever it’s called,) just click once on the image and you’ll activate the sizing ‘frame’ around it. Hold down the Shift key (this keeps the proportions even) and place your cursor on one of the corners and click – hold the click – and move the corner in to where you want it.

    Hope that makes sense… not such a geek speaker at 7:02 am!

  5. Well, technically it doesn’t say God NEEDS to rest, so you’re still right. I’m a stickler for details like that. I think He rested so we would do likewise. Plus He seemed to feel like it was worth sitting back and enjoying for a moment. I’m so literal-minded.

  6. I love that we all have to go over God’s Word like that. I always make the kids go into more depth and I’m not sure it isn’t just making more trouble.

    I’m so glad Sarah has a new haircut. Yeah, that’s the one from before. Keep on outting Sarah!!

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