Please, pray for Malachi.

Fourteen month old Malachi was diagnosed with AML–a very acute and rapid onset form of leukemia–after having blood work for an ear infection that wouldn’t get better. That was Monday. By Thursday he had his first round of chemo. The cancer is in his spinal fluid. He will need at least five rounds of chemo, so their hospital stay is being projected at 6-8 months. Mom, Kerri, and dad, Ben live near me, which is about 30 minutes away from the medical center here in Houston. We go to church together.

Malachi is at Texas Children’s–an awesome hospital. They are testing to see if a bone marrow transplant is needed immediately. He has already had several blood transfusions.

Big sister, Emily, just turned 3. Right now both sets of grandparents are in town, so there is help, but this will be a long haul for all of them.

Please pray for this precious family.


4 thoughts on “Please, pray for Malachi.

  1. That’s exactly the same cancer my friend Aaron just survived. It’s tough and it takes a long time to beat, but it’s beatable, by the grace of God. We’ll definitely be praying for another miracle.

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