On a lighter note.

Well, I am trying to lose weight–seriously trying. I have (seriously) lost and regained substantial amounts of weight 2 times in my life–60+ pounds being what I consider substantial. The LAST time was 11 years ago, and I managed to get it back off after the first baby but not the second. After him it hung around. My running joke is that the statute of limitations for blaming it on the baby is 1 year. After that it’s ya own fault.

So not only did that hang around, but I have gained THIRTY pounds since I went back to work. . .that’s right. . .THIRTY pounds in 2 1/2 years. I am not one who “just can’t eat” when I’m stressed. And seeing as how I have now found out the exact number of calories it takes to maintain a woman of my stature much less GAIN that much weight. . .that is even MORE astounding.

I have lost varying smaller amounts off and on as well, and all the other times I lost weight, low carb worked wonders for me. But my body just can’t hack it any more–at least not as low as I used to go with the carbs. I do NOT feel well when I try to do that, so I am now concentrating on keeping my carbs down, but trying to just watch what I eat in an effort to make a permanent life change. (I’ll keep you posted on that one. . .)

In that attempt, one must still consume food, and as a carbaholic, I cannot dance in the bread aisle too much or I just slide down the slope and am eating an entire package of pecan twirls on the way home from the grocery store. Not. Even. Kidding. And that is MILD comparatively.

Weight loss is not just a “my clothes are too tight/my back fat is obnoxious/ I can no longer comfortably sit in a student’s desk OR cross my legs” issue. It is a Type 2 diabetes/Heart disease runs in my family issue. My future is laid before me laced with insulin shots and visions of poor circulation.

So–here are my wonderful tricks and new discoveries to aid in my attempt.

Sugar free koolaid
This is a seriously good beverage–I prefer Tropical Punch. I am not much of a Kool-aid person, but I have been drinking this off and on for several years–it’s just a spin on other beverages PLUS if you have a snowcone machine or ice shaver, freeze some of it into cubes– then make yourself a sugar free snow cone. Very good. 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sugar

Nature’s Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread
‘Tis a new discovery. In my attempt to up my carb intake while trying to keep away from carbs that negatively impact my blood sugar and send me into a carb tail spin, I went in search of the highest possible fiber with a palatable taste. I have found a winner. This bread is a regular sized slice, costs less than $3 per loaf, has 40 calories per slice, 5 grams of fiber PER SLICE, and only 10 carbs per slice–once you subtract the fiber (since it doesn’t impact blood sugar levels) that’s only 5 NET carbs per slice. It sounds like it would taste like tree bark–but it tastes like whole wheat bread–yummy.

Dibs Bite Sized Icecream Snacks (Chocolate)
Now this is REAL icecream–and normally I would not tempt myself thusly, but this is also tiny nuggets of icecream enrobed in chocolate, and it’s also very rich and flavorful and creamy. I had actually bought it for the kids, but dove in one day while I was looking for something to eat. On the box, the serving size is 26 pieces coming in at a whopping 400+ calories, but if you limit yourself to 6 or 8 after dinner, well, that’s a nice little treat, and since I allow myself to have a small amount–well I don’t feel guilty and I don’t overindulge thinking I won’t be able to have any tomorrow. . .’cause I have about 6 or 8 little pieces a day.

I got this website from a commentor on Sarah’s blog–it is a WONDERFUL *FREE* tool to track what you eat, nutrition, etc. The only problem I have found is that the calories burned for walking doesn’t seem accurate, but other than that it’s a dream. It comes with all sorts of foods already available to list, or you can enter new custom foods (like my double fiber bread and Dibbs). Love it–Love it–Love it. It keeps me accountable and there are all sorts of charts and graphs and other techy things that are fun to read. There is also a journal option AND it saves all your information for you, so you can track your weight loss, nutrition, what you eat, etc.

100% Whole Grain Wheat Thins
I like crackers–ask Sarah–and I like Wheat Thins and Triscuits and all that jazz too. The 100% Whole Grain Wheat Thins ARE NOT regular Wheat Thins–but they have that lovely fiber to help with my blood sugar, so I count out my 16 to have with my daily lowfat ham sandwich on double fiber bread.

Iceburg Lettuce Shreds
I prefer green leaf lettuce for salads–more nutrients–more fiber. But for sandwiches, I like shredded lettuce, and having it pre-shredded in a bag is a very nice way to dress up lunch. I have kept my bread, mustard, mayo (real), dill pickle slices, a bag of shredded lettuce, and low fat ham in the fridge at school to make sandwiches this week. I NEVER get around to making them at home. I cannot tell you how many people have commented on the appearance/freshness/”That looks so good” of my sandwich this week –INCLUDING my husband who saw it today at lunch. It’s all in the accessories–and my lacy lettuce is the key. It’s basically glorified water–but I can pile it on and enjoy the fact that I’m having a healthy lunch.

So there ya go–like much of the free world I am on a diet–but it’s not a crash diet or a desperation diet. It is an “I need to permanently change my eating habits or I am going to die” diet. So far I’m doin’ fine. I have set a goal of one year to lose the 60-70 pounds I feel is necessary for me to be healthy, and if I lose 1.3 pounds per week then I will reach my goal by this time next year. My goal weight is on the very high side of normal for a woman my height and age, but (you can also ask Sarah this) I am one of the fortunate few who can TRULY claim “big bones” as a large part of my weight. I am built like a lumber jack. I’m just going to take it slow and easy and enjoy the ride. AND when I get where I want to be–even though most women would goggle at the amount–I will smile and no longer wish that I was thinner or flatter stomached or smaller boned as I did all the other times. I will be glad that I am healthy. Wish me luck.

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7 thoughts on “On a lighter note.

  1. Way to go! You can do it! Please keep posting about your tips and progress. I, too, have much to lose. While I worked in the corporate world, too much sitting and too many long meetings with rich snacks, didn’t help things. Then, hanging on to just 10 extra after the first baby – well, we won’t even talk about the second. That snacking thing is an issue for me. It has really helped me to write down what I eat in a day. I’m ready to make a change for the same reasons you cited!

  2. Go, Roxanne! I love fitday too. I keep coming and going (and consequently losing and gaining). I didn’t really start losing till I read Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution book (Why is that title so embarrassing to type?), and understood why I kept eating like I did. It really helped me change the way I think about eating and food. I need to get back on it and lose the rest, plus what I gained over Christmas and Thanksgiving. You have inspired me. 🙂

  3. I like how you keep track of everything… and the charts and graphs! For me, the challenge will be to remember to write down everything throughout the day.

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