Hack, Sneeze, Cough, Wheeze, Drip OR A Lesson in Time Management

You know you’re a mother during cold and flu season when. . .

. . .you are standing in line to drop off the prescriptions for Sick Child 1 and your phone rings. It is not your husband calling to check on Sick Child 1. It’s the school nurse telling you that your other child is now running fever. And you’ve already gotten a sub for tomorrow because of Sick Child 1, but have called the secretary to cancel the sub since Sick Child 1 was cleared to go back to school tomorrow.

So now you have to call the secretary back AGAIN (who laughs uncontrolably at you–especially since she’s known you since before you were married or had Sick Children 1 OR 2) to get the sub back since Sick Child 2 is also feverish.

Then you proceed to fill your shopping cart with all manner of juices and soups and the all important box of Premium Brand Crackers because to save time, you went to WalMart rather than Walgreens to fill your prescription since they have juice and soup and crackers and oranges and they also have (so you’ve heard) $4 generic drugs–except YOUR drugs for Sick Child 1 cost $90!!!!!!!! (The AeroChamber Plus inhaler tube thingy costs $50 alone.) Then, once you buy the food and gold bullion medicine and LEAVE (and gas up the truck), you spend several stressful minutes on the phone with the Doctor’s Nurse since the doctor didn’t put the cough medicine on the prescription note AND you didn’t notice until you got home AND you happen to mention the incredibly expensive inhaler tube thingy and Doctor’s Nurse says, “Walgreens has it for $19.99” and Walgreens is your normal pharmacy.

Don’t you like how I save time?

So now I get to take the inhaler BACK to Wal-Mart and then go to Walgreens to get the cough medicine she forgot to prescribe (she’s 8 months pregnant so I can’t blame her) and get the $20 el-cheapo inhaler chamber. I would have had to go to Walgreens anyway for the cough medicine, but still.

All this after I made a fool of myself in front of Pregnant (not our regular) Doctor thinking that tomorrow was the 1st of February and even quoted the lovely little poem for her then she pointed to the calendar and I was very embarrassed. Of course, if she was feeling at all superior, we’re now even since she forgot to prescribe one of my son’s drugs.

Never mind that I am also none too chipper, but now that two children are ill that has pretty much gone by the wayside. Everyone except Tony is staying home tomorrow–even the one that’s been cleared to go back to school. Sick Child 2 has been given a dose of Motrin which has made her feel well enough to become Demanding and also Particular.

Is there anyway to circulate Lysol through one’s air vents?


5 thoughts on “Hack, Sneeze, Cough, Wheeze, Drip OR A Lesson in Time Management

  1. Well, you have me on the $4 generic drugs, but since I’ve seen the list I think you have to be 104 to be ON any of the Rx listed. And, since you KNOW I don’t go to Wal-Mart, I do go to Walgreen’s and pay the $.50 extra for THEIR juice, crackers, and soup. They even have milk. Your one-stop non-Wal-Mart shop.

    And don’t feel stupid for the pregnant doctor that forgot to prescribe cough medicine. Send her to my blog and tell her: “Just like that — and at home, too.”

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