Valentine’s Day

The teeny-weeny Cars and Care Bear cards have all been passed out–along with Fun Sized packs of mini M&M’s at Thad’s school. His school is ACCREDITED, but not bound by the STATE OF TEXAS to adhere to ridiculous party day guidelines just yet. I gave MY kids chocolate hearts. . .which is COMPLETELY legal seeing as how chocolate has milk in it–though whether I did or did not give any out BEFORE lunch at. . .say. . .7:35 a.m. after the pledges, moment of silence, and announcements, when 1st period began, I will NEVER say.

I arrived home to my precious children standing in the walkway of a clean house (Alma came today–we should have left her a card and some chocolate hearts) holding a pink rose bud and exclaiming, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy!” at the tops of their respective lungs.

They were visited by the “Valentine’s Angel” during the night. . .which is what Victoria began calling me about 3 years ago–they know it’s me. But last night, when I went to put their little gifts and chocolate outside their bedroom doors, they had left letters for me. That was a first, and whether I did or did not say. . .shed a few tears. . .well, I’ll totally admit to that.

I wore my red pants to school. . .and even though I DID have to make 6 behavioral calls after school, most of my kiddos behaved. It was a good day.

Happy Heart Day to you.

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. They left you letters? I’d be bawling. I think I’ll have to try out the nighttime gift idea next year. I’ve never done much on heart day. But we did have a little party for them today at my friend’s house. They made cards and ate cupcakes. 🙂 Happy V-day!

  2. You have red pants? That is too cool!

    And to remember chocolate hearts for your “big’ kids and bags of goodies for your own wee ones – I’m inspired! (It’s a good thing if I remember to pack my kids a lunch on field trip days!)

  3. Yes–Victory day. . .and I have a pair of the reddest red pants you’ve ever seen. They are my FAVORITE shade of red and have a little bit of a sheen to the cotton. . .they are very happy pants to wear.

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