Those Were the Days


Here is the photographic documentation of my head-banging-peroxide-drinking banquet night. Please note that the the unisex hair is pretty much the same height on all subjects of the photo. I’m the blond in white on your left. And after 20 years of looking at this picture, I just now noticed that my friend Sarah (chick in the middle) must have been wearing stilts to be nearly as tall as me.

And for a prom experience that rivals my own, go check out THIS story. I just could not contain the laughter. .

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5 thoughts on “Those Were the Days

  1. A) Someone (I don’t remember who took that pic — was it Micah?) needed to say, “Stand up straight!”

    B) I can’t believe that you can remember all of the other minutia of that night and don’t remember my killer heels.

    C) I have blocked most of that evening, and the one the year previous, OUT!

  2. Sarah

    Due to my concussion, I do NOT remember the killer heels. . .but I do remember someone asking Ricky about the girl in the chest. 🙂 And I actually had a WAIST, Sarah. . .who knew?????

    I also do not remember who else sat at my table (was it you?). . .except for WJH and his date. Of ALL the nights for me to have him sit at MY table–Robby could not STAND him. . .and not matter HOW nice J. tried to be to me, he was not actually kind, and it was just miserable all the way around.

    But that was probably the best I ever looked in high school–big hair and all.

  3. Rebecca–Yeah–I’m actually pretty proud of that dress. . .aside from the poofy skirt, both Sarah and I didn’t look TOO ’80’s–no hot pink netting peaking out from under a black with hot pink polka dot overlay. . .or white layers with little tiny colored bows all over. A lady at church made my dress for me. . .I loved it.

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