What did I do before?

What did I do before I blogged?

I went to bed at 9:00 p.m.

I walked 2 miles very, very quickly.

I laid on the couch and watched PBS just to be near my honey.

Well, really only the last one is true. But the other two I’ve done the past three days, and I’m tired. Although walking very, very quickly leads me to think up all sorts of blog fodder. I walked 4-5 miles per day most of college. I used to think of my most recent crush when I walked, and if I had a partner, we would solve the mysteries of the universe.

Now I’m dreaming of things to write.

But I’m too tired. Be back later. 🙂


4 thoughts on “What did I do before?

  1. I was thinking about that last night and today, while the power was off. . . again. It’s kind of disgusting how much I missed the internet. I think a hiatus might be in order for me. But I probably won’t be taking one anytime soon. Good for you walking and going to bed and being healthy!

  2. Since I started blogging, writing has become as necessary sleep, water, food, love, sunshine…

    When “something” keeps me from writing, I start feeling whithered and weak – just as I would without other life sustaining things. Funny, though, how sometimes more of the others (food, sun…) briefly relieves the pang of a writing absence, but only writing can truly fill the void.

    …oh, man, needed that. 6:51 am and I am philosophizing… 🙂

  3. I just love coming here. I relate to so much, but i feel about the terrible day you wrote about in the most recent post. I thought I had it bad today. Sheesh. You guys don’t get paid enough.

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