More Shameless Linking to J. Jackson

So, I’ve reviewed her novels, and I’ve linked to her blog entries before, and this is more of the same. And totally hilarious. Skip over the contest winners at the beginning and start where she begins talking about “Aim Ball.” Go. Read. Laugh.


5 thoughts on “More Shameless Linking to J. Jackson

  1. Jonah certainly would NOT agree with any man driving a vegetarian truck. He is most in love with Papa’s truck (1991 Ford F150), which he calls “yours and mine truck,” when he rides in it with my dad. Trucks must be manly, carnivorous things. : )

  2. Oh. . .I’m so glad. The truck I must drive is still relatively new compared to Papa’s–it’s a ’93–but the bumper is rusted and bent and there is not paint on the hood and the windshield is cracked. Is that manly enough to make him like me even though I’m a girl and only drive it ’cause I have too????? 🙂

  3. Lately he’s so black-and-white about boys vs. girls, that he might insist you CAN’T drive it, because trucks are most definitely in the category of Testosterone Only, according to him. You’re not allowed.

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