My site looks odd, but I know not why. (Formerly known as: Why does my site look odd?)

Well, it does, indeed, look odd according to Support at WordPress. They apologized and promised to fix it, but gave no explanation as to the exact nature of the problem. As long as my ladies come back, I don’t care.

This day has been just not so hot for many, many reasons. . .and the last was just too really even ridiculously stupid to describe. I am sliding, head long into a HUGE funk. . .and I know this is Satan’s way of ruining my Spring Break. He does this, you know. He takes the promising and happy and joyful and tries to mar it with things. . .not little piddly things. . .but great big huge things.

The great big huge things today have been dealing with children (at school AND in our very own neighborhood) whose parents have totally messed up their lives. . .their kids’ lives and their own lives. . .way too much sadness. I try to not let it effect me, but sometimes it–more often than not–it does.

So I am going to make sure my own children are clean, and give them chocolate milk, and watch a video of two of our favorite books, Go, Dog, Go and Are You My Mother. We COULD read them, but Thad has requested a movie theater experience in my bed tonight.


6 thoughts on “My site looks odd, but I know not why. (Formerly known as: Why does my site look odd?)

  1. My question is, WHY, at ONLY this site, am I “Sarah Stirman” when I am simply “Sarah S.” everywhere else on the internet? Of all places, YOU know who Sarah S. is??????

  2. Looks good to me too. Maybe you should download Firefox and see if that makes a difference.

    I’m so sorry you’re in a funk. I very much understand what that helpless sadness is like when you can’t march in and fix those parents and subsequently rescue the kids. I’ll be praying with you. Lovelovelove.

  3. From here all looks well also. Try browsing with Firefox… or even the latest IE. I’m using the latest newest IE here at work and so far I’m not complaining.

    …do you still have that quote I taped onto the last package I mailed you?

  4. Sandy

    I love how you are such a loving mother.

    It is just now I have had some time to sit and read your blog. Your call this weeks brought joy to my heart at a time when I was having a “I miss Gary” week. I guess he knew I needed some cheering up and you most certainly did.

    I am thinking about our conversation about starting a new blog. I miss the writing actually but I think I need to get some other things out of the way first, like doing a big clean up job of the house.

    You and Tony are wonderful parents. Your children are most fortunate and so are you for your little sweethearts are just that.

    Thanks again Roxanne for all your support and love and I have just added Houston on my list-to-visit top 10.

    Have fun on spring break!


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