Favorite Quotations

“A strong woman is a woman who craves love like oxygen, or she turns blue choking. A strong woman is a woman who loves strongly and weeps strongly and is strongly terrified and has strong needs.”

– Marge Piercy

One of my other favorites is at the top of this blog.

I’m entering a contest. It’s about all I have energy for right now. . .but I’ll be back.

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6 thoughts on “Favorite Quotations

  1. What Sarah MEANS is. . .that when we were in high school together she once told me that no one’s balloon rose higher or fell faster than mine. . .and she was absolutely correct and has the stories to prove it.

    I have spent many, many years trying to get a grip on my emotions–but I still can’t manage to reign in my face–it gives me away EVERY STINKIN’ time.

    And she is too strong–

  2. I suspected that about you from a distance. Blogs in general are telling things. My problem is the opposite. I can’t seem to take off my poker face. But it does help my luck in cards. Drives Jason nuts.

  3. I like this quote very much, Roxanne. It describes me pretty well too – althogh I don’t always think of myself as a strong woman. But I do recognize my strong needs and emotions. Sometimes I don’t allow myself to feel or express needs fully, because I fear the response from others. (am I too much for them to handle?!) But I am learning to trust God, and my husband, and a few close friends with my strong feelings and opinions. It’s the only way to let people know the “real” me. When I restrain myself, I’m not sharing the whole truth with the people I love.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend. Thankfully, it’s raining here tonight, so hopefully I’ll wake up to a pollen-free world tomorrow morning!

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