Is your shoe half full or half empty?

It was 8:45 and I had been trying to go to sleep since 8:00. The phone rang, and I thought it was a parent calling Tony back, but it was Momma. Daddy had a dr.’s appt. today.

She said,

“Well, we got some good news today and some bad news.”

“Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. . .”

“The bad news is that the infection IS in Daddy’s bone, but the good news is that they will only have to remove part of his toe and not his whole foot.”

A few days ago we weren’t really discussing the removal of so much as a toenail, but when you’ve lost an entire leg, what’s to quibble about losing part of a toe?

So, you see how I was brought up. . .your shoe can be half full, or half empty. . .or in Daddy’s case, your left shoe can be totally empty, but as long as your right shoe is 99 44/100 % full, well it’s not as bad as it could be.

They have ANOTHER appt. tomorrow where they will learn more about what’s going on and what procedures are available with which doctors. Evidently removal of part of a toe is “out patient” surgery. Whoduhthunkit. In an effort to hold back the tears until I got off the phone, I told Momma that since she’s doing most of the driving now, maybe they could do some sort of drive-thru amputation. She pulls up to a window, Daddy sticks his right leg out of the car, a pain shot later and bahduh-bing, bahduh-boom. . .you’re good to go.

As the daughter of an amputee, these kinds of comments are common place in our family.

After they got home from the dr., they packed their cooler full of aspartame free diet Coke (for Daddy) and Dr. Pepper (for Momma) and went fishin’. And I say good for them.

I managed to get off the phone before I fell apart on Tony’s lap and cried and cried. He’s my Daddy, you know.

So, I’ve been thinking of a “Daddy” post for quite some time now. And it will be here sooner than later, but in the mean time, please continue to pray.

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4 thoughts on “Is your shoe half full or half empty?

  1. Which brings me to your strong woman quote — yes, you need to do a post on your daddy.

    I think these days, pretty much heart surgery is the only thing that isn’t considered “day surgery” — and even that, they don’t let you lollygag in their perfectly good HMO beds for just too terribly long before they remove your recently cut-open self to convalesce on your own time in your own bed. Part of a toe? No bed for you!

  2. “Daddy’s” are a recurring theme today… Your story, my dad called at work, I posted a comment with a Daddy theme on Sandy’s new blog, and I got an email from Sue about J’s dad, who had another unexplained seizure Friday morning….

    I’m glad you have a lap to cry on and a Daddy who takes it all in stride (ahm) and goes fishing after a quick afternoon toe nipping.

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