Roxanne needs. . .

Found this meme from Joshilyn Jackson today. I thoroughly enjoyed hers, and so, did one for myself. Now I’m taggin’ all of you.

Google your name thusly “Roxanne needs. . .” and see what you find in the cyber community. Here you will find a buffet of things you had NO IDEA you needed.

Some I can already mark off my list ’cause I already have them such as. . .

Roxanne needs a man.

Roxanne needs to provide appropriate structure (time and space boundaries). Why yes, yes she does.

Roxanne needs a tan. No arguments there.

Roxanne needs a boyfriend. Heaven help!

Roxanne needs to be found. Was I lost?

Roxanne needs the spark of poetry to kindle her passion. Or just a wink and a smile.

Roxanne needs your help! Understatement of the year.

Roxanne needs to hit the treadmill and push away from the table. Understatement of the year.

Roxanne needs to shut up. Understatement of the year.

Roxanne needs to shut up posthaste. Understatement of the year.

Roxanne needs more options from everyone. Way too many already.

Roxanne needs the support of her childhood friend more. (Hmmmm. . .whomever could this be?)

Roxanne needs something to do with her fists now that Carmen has moved out. ?????

Roxanne needs to focus less on critiquing others (as accurate as she usually is with her assessments), and more on improving her own performance. Ouch. That hurt.

Roxanne needs to determine the total amount of grain the silo will hold. Oh. My. Goodness. We’re all in trouble now.

Roxanne needs a new hair style and color. I actually like the style–too lazy to keep up with the color.

Roxanne needs her rest. Could I please, please, please?????

Roxanne needs to stay with a friend over the weekend. As long as they have no cats.

Roxanne needs to do whatever The Police tell her to do. No argument there.

Roxanne needs $200,000. Hot Dog!!!!!

Roxanne needs a nap everyday and you have to give her the space she needs. Could someone tell my children?

And my personal favorite. . .

Roxanne needs all of her fluffy fur to keep her warm in New Hampshire!

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4 thoughts on “Roxanne needs. . .

  1. This is my all-time favorite meme! I’m gonna do this as soon as Easter is over. I happen to like your name a lot. I have always wondered about “Roxannes,” if they resent The Police song or like it? Barry Manilow did a Linda song once. (No comment). When I was little a neighbor was named Roxanne, and they called her Roxie. So how do you feel about your name? Anyway, every single one of your answers and replies cracked me up.

  2. Bloglines has NOT filled me in that you have updated, and for that I’m irritated! But, indeedy — all of those. And, trust her, folks — do NOT trust Roxanne to figure the volume of your grain silo!

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