Well, I have not written much (at all) since spring break. The past three weeks have been a little busy and have been capped off with a nice upper respiratory infection with a topping of bronchitis.


We have antibiotics (for my head and lungs and Thad’s double dose of pink eye).

It has been a glorious spring.

My children love me.

We got to see some dear friends on Sunday, and even though I collapsed in a sick heap on the couch after cooking for everyone, the children played so well we didn’t even know they were in the world.

The Mother & Daughter Luncheon is next weekend. . .and busy though it will be. . .it’s SO. MUCH. FUN. I have taken a day and a half off at the end of next week to PREPARE.

I do not have cancer. Not that I thought I DID have cancer. . .but I know LOTS of people my age who have recently been diagnosed with cancer or had children diagnosed with cancer, and no matter how icky my cold or messy my house, we are healthy.

Monday was the first day of the 6th six weeks of this school year. TAKS (our big hoo-ha state mandated test) is next week, and after that it’s nothin’ but fun ’til the end of school. Now, behavior has taken a definite down turn, but next week on test days during our shortened class periods, we will begin our study of Egypt. Then after that, we will read The Cay, and then it will be SUMMER!!!!!!

I have pastel M&Ms at my house. Though rather low on the blessing list, it is still a blessing none the less.

And now, the greatest blessing of this day. . .it’s time for bed. Oh, beautiful, beautiful rest.

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5 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Well, I’m glad you’re only a little sick, and not big sick. It does seem like the cancer-afflicted population is growing way, way too fast. Right after Aaron was diagnosed, his family’s long-time neighbor died of the same cancer (AML) before they could even diagnose her. Kind of scares you out of drinking the water.

    P.S. I remember last-year’s talk of Mother-Daughter Luncheon (has it been that long already???). We might have to get us one of those going up here, now that the little girls are becoming big girls.

  2. Much to be thankful for in the day — my day is full of leaky pipes, drains that refuse, dirt flying through the air, and an AWOL puppy — but God is good, and I am blessed.

  3. been missing you…..

    I’m glad everybody’s better and no one has cancer. I think it’s just we are getting older. When you’re young, folks had cancer but you don’t know them so much. They (probably) aren’t on your wing in the dorm.

    Now we are older and our wing is bigger.

    Make it though the TAKS – it’s almost over……….

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