I just lost an ENTIRE post, and I’m ticked. Here is the annotated version.

1. Daddy’s procedure is Wednesday. They are to arrive at 7:30 but who knows when it will be.

2. A friend found out TODAY that she is unexpectedly expecting. Her son turns 4 on Saturday. Her daughter turns 1 next Tuesday. Her husband is having some major lying and addiction problems. She was NOT looking to bring another baby into the mix. She is in shock but already planning. God knows her name, so please pray for her.

3. I did not make it to bed by 9:00 last night. It was 10:30. It’s already 8:38, so things aren’t looking so good for tonight either, BUT I have had my shower and the house is CUH-LEEN thanks to Alma’s visit today. So I can get into bed happy and in fresh sheets whenever I DO get there

4. I get to wear jeans and leave at 2:45 everyday that I’m at school this week. YEA!!!!!

5. We are doing rainbow/Japanese lanterns/bamboo parasols theme for Mother/Daughter this year. It sounds a little whacko–and it is–but the 3rd grade girls will LOVE IT. PLUS, since it’s not so frilly this year, I get to use plastic table clothes rather than the Battenburg Lace. It will be a nice break from the laundering.

6. We are gonna have so much fun on Saturday. I wish you could ALL be here.


4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Doh. I hate when that happens. (losing a post)

    And how cool to have a rainbow/Japanese lantern/parasol theme! Did you know if you get the white paper lanterns, you can paint them with water paints and make beautiful Asian-esque designs? Like coi or butterflies or cherry blossoms! It’s so fun! They’re going to love that theme. You’re giving me more ideas now.

    And I’ll definitely be praying for your nameless friend. One of my friends was in a similar spot last year, and it was so painful for her, and for the whole family, but God made good of it, and now they’re expecting again and doing beautifully. It can happen.

    P.S. How on earth did you get a whole group to wade through ALL of Ezekiel??? I thought I was weird. : )

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