Oh the joy!

Oh the joy of a cleared, if not cleaned, kitchen floor. After many, many weeks (about six) of not being able to make it across any floor in our home without working on obstacle course reflexes, I am proud to announce that not ONLY is the kitchen floor cleared, but it is swept as well. …

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The New and Improved H-town Family

Papa The Boy The Girl Momma We melt in your mouth. Not in your hands. . . (And this has made my children VERY happy. The kids made their own, and we collaborated on Tony's INCLUDING his hiking boots AND his 5 o'clock shadow. I tried to delete the first post seeing as how I …

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A Nice Day

Today was my last day of school. This year has been hard on several different levels. . .lots of ups and downs with administrators school wide, and a difficult group of kids. However, I was all packed, loaded, and signed out today by 11:15, and I was in my car leaving at 11:21. I ran …

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Even if you AREN'T a James Taylor fan, you can't help but smile at this little gem. And though it is missing the JT factor, this is a classic all on its own. Enjoy.