Capital F-Double O-D

When Sarah and I were in high school (or college), she came to visit me one night, and we decided to go and get the ONE kind of food that my mother did not have in the house. I cannot remember now what that was, but I can remember that Sarah wrote the note to let Momma know where we were, and she spelled out very clearly that we were going to get “capital F-double O-D.”

I have spoken on here before about my weight struggles. . .and my attempts to manage them. Since January, I have lost 11 pounds. That’s not normally the amount I lose in four months when I get serious about weight loss. Normally by this time, I’d have lost at least 20-25, HOWEVER, I am not “crash” dieting, and I gave myself specific permission to have what I want when I want to try and curb the binge mechanism that I tend to have when I think I can’t have something I want.

All day long I’ve wanted cinnamon rolls. . .the kind that come in a rectangular slab with white icing on top. . .and so, I had just that. But, I didn’t eat the whole package, NOR did I stuff myself with other things that I did not want in an effort to fill the craving, NOR did I act on the craving right away. I made sure it was REALLY something I wanted. I also craved baked potato soup, SO, I made some REALLY good baked potato soup (easy recipe–will be glad to share should you care to have it) with half and half and cheese and bacon and green onions. But I didn’t stuff myself on that either. And it was the perfect meal for the end of a cloudy, tiring day.

Both of those foods are very calorie dense, and both are very carbohydrate dense, but let me tell you two things.

1.) Boy, were they good.
2.) I’m thinkin’ I need to check my calendar, ’cause that much comfort food can mean only one thing.

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4 thoughts on “Capital F-Double O-D

  1. First of all, RECIPE! Any creamy potato-ish soup is on my favorites list.

    And secondly, I hear you. Cravings, weight, lunar calendar, etc. Oh, the estrogen. . .

  2. When I get cravings like that and give in to them I usually feel better too – for about 10 minutes!

    My husband likes to tease me real hard about that “lunar calendar” and the “estrogen” equating it in some twisted way that we women never cease to “blame” our behavior on something besides ourselves… maybe it’s ovaries-envy? He would like to have something to explain his own behavior sometimes 🙂

    Anyway, his theory doesn’t make for good foreplay.

  3. Since I am still on The Pill, and am disgustingly regular even without it, I can tell you PRECISELY which 72-hour period I need to have Hot Tamales (candy) and chips and salsa on hand, and cinnamon rolls aren’t bad either. AND I have found that as long as I don’t stuff myself until I am ill, and am faithful about drinking lots of water for the next 4-5 days, I’ll notice a BIG drop in my weight after that! Very interesting…!

  4. You sound like you are doing this so smartly. I congratulate you. Re-thinking our thinking is hard, but I’m proud of you for deciding exactly what you wanted and going for it. I am back on the track again of trying to lose a few.

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