Vacation Gal is Home

I thoroughly enjoyed my zippy little car AND my cd player, but despite the circumstances, the best part was being with Momma and Daddy.

I am home, and tired, so here is the short version:

procedure on the kidneys went very well
Daddy will be released tomorrow to go back home until Sunday
due to the dye that is injected, they need his kidneys to rest before the next procedure
he’ll be readmitted Sunday afternoon and have the leg procedure done early Monday morning

Best case scenario, they can remove the blockage to restore circulation
Second best case scenario, they do a bypass on his leg to restore circulation

The diabetic dr. has recommended that once they restore circulation, they go ahead and amputate the toe that has been causing the main problems. It will take several weeks to months to heal, and this will be quicker and easier on Daddy. Though it is sad to lose a toe–that pales in comparison to a foot or a leg.

So, there you have it.

Thank you for all of your prayers. I felt them. The trip was a joy that I can’t adequately express right now, but don’t worry. I’ll sleep tonight and get all wordy again tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Vacation Gal is Home

  1. I gotta take my vacations where I can get ’em. And my little fairy tale car with it’s cd player is returned. . .back to the pumpkin. . .but the pumpkin runs. 🙂

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