Hug yer Momma’s neck.

Well, today is Mother’s day, and since there is a back log of things in my brain from not writing for so long, I got nothin’ profound. . .at least not anything I can get through in the sliver of time I have today. VBS meeting at 5:15 and lots to do between now and then, HOWEVER, I DID get a lovely corsage to wear to church on my new dress that my OWN mother got me (it’s this buttery yellow linen and oh, so lovely) as well as various other mementos of the day such as a handmade pillow and mosaic flower pot from Thad and not one but TWO shadow profiles of Victoria as well as breakfast in bed. After church we swung by Sam’s and picked up a pizza which, believe it or not, was PRECISELY what I wanted.

I attended muffins with mom at Thad’s school on Friday. He was so excited!!!! Along with several other things, there were some questions he had answered about me that I give you now.

My mom is 12 years old.

My mom is prettiest when she’s wearing her nightgown.

My mom likes to make everything.

My mom always says, “I love you.”

My mom is funny when she–she’s really not funny.

I have told you before about his penchant for my nightgowns. . .’cause they smell like me. . .and if I’m wearing one, it means I’m not going anywhere. He likes for me to not go anywhere. And, although I’m not funny, atleast I always say “I love you.” rather than another mom there who always says, “Leave your sister alone.”

If you missed it here is my Mother’s Day Post, 2006
along with some from
Sarah and
Melanie that are definitely worth your time.


4 thoughts on “Hug yer Momma’s neck.

  1. Stephanie

    Haven’t read your post yet – I will when I get back from grocery shopping (a mother’s work is never done!) but I just wanted to say that my two boys have hugged their mommas neck a whole lot today !

  2. Well, there have been times when I said some not-great things, I had a year or two that mom always said, “I love you,” but this year I always say, “Perfect practice makes perfect” — so my efforts at getting my children to do an adequate job makes me appear to be a perfectionist tyrant! I can’t win…

    And, according to Ashley, my favorite outfit is my cloud pajamas. Yep, that one is right!

  3. That boy. I think I like him. My Mother’s Day present from Jonah was a glass of water from the bathroom sink. I suppose that’s about as thoughtful as you can get when you’re three and banned from unsupervised kitchen use. 😉

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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