Daddy is ALRIGHT. If you have a “thing” about feet, skip the post.

We have an open artery and blood flow to Daddy’s foot. So we are a happy family. Actually, we were a happy family anyway, but this just makes things a lot nicer for right now. He will still have to do the amputation of the toe, but it will heal and he will be back in the boat (literally) before he knows it. Mom said his foot was warm for the first time in years. Through the blessings of God and modern medicine, Daddy is still around to enjoy his life to its fullest, and we hope it serves as an inspiration to others.

They will, hopefully, be going home on Thursday. And if you know someone with similar problems, send them to Dr. Olley at the Cardiac Institute of the South in Lafayette, Louisiana. Living in Houston, I tend to lean toward the medical center, but Dr. Olley knows his stuff. Daddy’s is not the first leg he has saved with this new procedure. He has been a huge blessing to our family.


6 thoughts on “Daddy is ALRIGHT. If you have a “thing” about feet, skip the post.

  1. We elders and the ministers met this morning for our usual prayer time and lifted your dad up. It was a privilege and an honor.
    We are grateful to learn about such good results.

  2. Every time I see your post title I get that song in my head… Cheap Trick…

    “mommy’s alright, daddy’s alright, they just weem a little weird….”


  3. Getting caught up, too, like Melanie. I’m glad to hear the good news. And thanks for the comment about open house. Yes, I still often see him as a little boy, instead of the full-grown man he actually is. This is a tough weekend!

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