Not bad for a Monday.

roxanne-mm2.pngIf I were an M&M, this is what I’d look like. . .stole this from Linda over at 2nd Cup of Coffee. And since it’s raining here for our first OFFICIAL day of summer vacation, I foresee a future for this website with my children this afternoon.

We are going to eat lunch at a Mediterranean place. Tony’s mom went through an entire “meatless meal” phase that wasn’t nearly as endearing as the one I described on Saturday–hers was complete with appetizing and non-appetizing dishes alike, lots of egg plant and spices that will fry your olfactory senses. However, Tony and I both enjoy SOME of it, and so off we go to the new Mediteranean place we found. Kids eat free on Monday, so if all mine consume is grilled chicken, it’ll be fine. Unfortunately they have no kibi, but look out grape leaves. . .here we come.

They do not serve M&Ms at Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet.

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2 thoughts on “Not bad for a Monday.

  1. Roxanne – I loved this. I linked to your blog from mine. I wish they could sell a Family Portrait. I so don’t like my pic taken, but this I could enjoy seeing hanging in my living room.

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