Day by Day

Yesterday, June 12th, was Thad’s 6th birthday and our 14th anniversary. Last year I posted a blog about it complete with photographic evidence of both events. Should you care to do so, you can find it here.

The boy is one year older. Tony and I are one year older.

The days and weeks and months roll by and turn into years. . .and the blessings continue to roll along with them.

When Tony and I got married, the song I used for my “bridal march” was not a traditional one. It wasn’t The Wedding March or Pachabel’s Canon in D or Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. It was an old, beautiful hymn that was in what we called “The Harding Top 10” when I was in school there. It is my favorite hymn, and sums up not only my wedding day but my life before that monumental event and my life after–no matter what those days may bring.

Father of Mercies (Faber/Flowerdew)

Father of Mercies, day by day, my love to Thee grows more and more.
Thy gifts are strewn upon my way like sands upon the great seashore,
like sands upon the great seashore.

Father of Mercies, God of love, whose gentle gifts all creatures share.
The rolling seasons as they move proclaim to all Thy constant care,
proclaim to all Thy constant care.

Father of Mercies, may our hearts ne’er overlook Thy boundless care,
But what our Father’s hand imparts still own in grateful praise and prayer,
still own in grateful praise and prayer.

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5 thoughts on “Day by Day

  1. I didn’t remember it as “the march” — but as you printed it I remembered getting tickled at “the gifts strewn upon the great seashore”. Father of Mercies, He truly is!

  2. You were pretty tickled throughout the entire thing. . .I have you and Mathews laughing on video. 🙂 Of course, I got so giggly during yours that Don Glover remarked about my giddiness to Maxine. . .it was Max’s prayer where “Troy/young Troy has captured our Sarah’s heart. . .” Too much for me.

  3. A Day late, but just as fresh, Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday Thad!

    I didn’t give music much thought at my wedding – some dumb rule about “no instruments” even for weddings. Now, when I think about it, I want to bonk that Stephanie-I-Once-Was in the noggin’ and tell her: REBEL! Be Ye Rebellious and PLAY music!

    WHO was I way back then, anyway??

  4. I’ve never heard that hymn. The lyrics are gorgeous though. Happy anniversary! And happy birthday, boy! Was there a theme this year?

    P.S. I started to test the idea of a monster truck party on Jonah, and he clearly stated that at his party, there will be letter toys that say A, B, C, E, G, F, and letters that spell Jonah, and we’ll sing the ABC song. So I guess we’re having an alphabet party, which I have never heard of before. But hey, if the kid wants educational, we can do educational. I won’t protest.

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