Oh, my great heavenly days!!!!

I’ve gone and had myself a massage. . .a 90 minute Swedish massage. My dear, sweet friend, Anita, was the provider of the massage for all of my work on VBS, and let me tell you. . .it was grand.

I’ve had a 10 minute chair massage before, but this was an all out 80 minute (I was 10 minutes late ’cause I got carried away sorting post-VBS stuff at church after our Big Finale) dive into soothing music, lavender massage oil, dim lights, and relaxation.

But my shoulders are in some serious pain, because there were some serious knots in there, and she did some serious work on them.

I highly recommend this–whether you have an Anita friend in your life or not–you gotta get you one of these.

Today was our final day of VBS. We set attendance records for our congregation, and there were LOTS of visitors, and no one got lost or seriously injured, so I’m callin’ it a success. Also, we have a new Director of Children’s Ministries named Jennifer whose job it will be NEXT year to coordinate VBS, so I’ve laid down the mantle–sort of. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing t-shirts or mailers or something.

Tony is crabbing. The children are upstairs talking rather than going to sleep. I am about to go watch some romantic comedy for the 100th time after I take some Ibuprofen.


3 thoughts on “Oh, my great heavenly days!!!!

  1. Troy gave me a massage for Mother’s Day. I used it last week and decided we would all be happier and healthier if we would get a massage at LEAST once a month if not every week. But, yeah, if you really need one, you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck afterwards. Please lay down that crazy VBS mantle. It will go on, I promise.

  2. Okay, very funny. No, Troy did NOT give my dad a massage for Mother’s Day. But I am at my dad’s house using his computer with 3 children chattering at my elbow so I’m a little distracted and failed to notice that I was signing in under his name. Anyhoo — love a good massage!

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