In which I humbly confess. . .

I knew the full and total baseness and humanity of my whining before I left to go and celebrate the life of Malachi, and now I confess it again in full. I cannot begin to explain the beauty and strength with which his family handled the service for him–there were lots of pictures in a slideshow accompanied by his favorite songs–Zippadeedoodah, You are My Sunshine, The Wheels on the Bus, The Mickey Mouse Club March. When it was time to speak to Malachi’s short life, there were no preachers to do that. Rather BOTH of his grandfathers AND his father spoke. It was an amazing thing to be a part of. Here are some of the things they had to say.

What is our understanding compared with God’s wisdom? Our plans are the plans of men, not the plans of God.

Malachi knew that every day is a good day when you’re with the ones you love.

Our faith isn’t in what God DOES but in what He is ABLE to do.

Jesus Christ has always sought to save the soul rather than to perpetuate the body.

The comparative seriousness of things doesn’t matter. When you’re in the battle, you’re in the battle.

God continues to show me that despite my vast weaknesses, He is in love with me.

These direct quotes came from three men who were there to say goodbye to the only son and grandson any of them had, but while they stated over and over their thankfulness for the blessings of our presence as their Christian family, I could only be amazed by how much they were blessing me.

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