Surely I’ve done this before.

I am quite sure that somewhere in the archives lurks a list some of my favorite movies, but I don’t feel like findin’ it, and so I’ll list them here again.

While You were Sleeping
Two Weeks’ Notice
You’ve Got Mail
Sleepless in Seattle
When Harry Met Sally
Field of Dreams
Second Hand Lions
Oh, Brother Where Art Thou
Anne of Green Gables
The Quiet Man
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
The Green Mile
Best in Show
A Mighty Wind
Regarding Henry
The Indiana Jones movies
The Lord of the Rings movies
The Princess Bride
Pretty Woman
Steel Magnolias

It’s a mixed bag for sure, and I WOULD list Dead Poet’s Society in there, but I just can’t take it anymore. . .and it’s a good thing I watched Steel Magnolias so much as to memorize most of it, ’cause I really can’t take it anymore either.

And seeing as how I’ve been quite the chatterbox since our return from Galveston, this is probably “it” until sometime Wednesday or Thursday when we return from Kids’ Kamp. (The K is there on purpose, people. I didn’t name it.)

Tony is flying to Boston tomorrow for the week. Please say a prayer for safe travels to and from for all of us.

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5 thoughts on “Surely I’ve done this before.

  1. You have 8 listed that I’ve never seen before (more if you count each individual ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘LOTR’ movies — haven’t seen a one) and 4 I’ve never even heard of. Movies you probably haven’t heard of makes me think of Waking Ned Devine. A must see. Oooh, ooh — Songcatcher is most excellent, as well.

  2. Boy, is that ever a chic list! Surely you intended to include “Saving Private Ryan”. I’ve seen most of your list, and can’t remember anything blowing up in ANY of them.

  3. Indeed, not blood letting or explosions. . .although the spoof ones aren’t Chick Flicks. I should also admit here that I found “Wayne’s World” incredibly hilarious. . .my secret it out.

    And I HAVE seen “Waking Ned Devine”–poor pig guy and the rose soap–but I’ve never seen “Songcatcher.” Definitely see the Indiana Jones movies. . .just to make Troy happy if he goes for that sort of thing.

  4. Oh, Brother Where Art Thou is up there on my list of faves too. Also liked The Shawshank Redemption. But what strikes ne is how dated these movies all are. Girl! You need to get out more!

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