Who could resist?

In addition to all the other various and sundry things going on, we had an appointment to get our church directory picture made this morning at 10:00. This is normally not a problem, but BECOMES somewhat MORE problematic when the matriarch in charge of getting everyone ready watches movies until 3:00 a.m. (ahem), and sleeps until 8:30. Although I would have rather had a more “informal” family photo this go ’round, it was our youngest who chose the dress for the day.

Tony told Thad that he had to wear “church clothes”, and rather than waiting for me to get them, Thad came strolling into the bathroom a few minutes later with his navy blue pants, a green and navy plaid shirt, AND his navy blue tie. . .we were both in shock. THEN he made an announcement, “Just one thing. I had to use my blue chair. I didn’t have to put blankets and pillows on it though. Just my chair.” Which explained how he was able to reach the clothing hanging in his closet.

After that, he proceeded to his sister’s room where I gave her two choices of dresses and she chose one. Thad made yet ANOTHER annoucement. “I was about to pick that one, sister, because it is so nice.”

From where did this boy come? When did he arrive? We’ve known for quite some time that he was definitely one of a kind–but that did not extend to fashion choices for himself and his sister.

All of this on the heels of the OTHER announcement he made on the way home from Galveston. Out of the silence in the back seat, Thad proclaimed, “Here is some news that might be helpful. They sell extra sticky tape at Dollar Tree. Just in case you need it.” Knowing that my friend April used extra sticky (double-sided) tape at VBS, I said, “Did Mrs. April tell you that?” “No,” said Thad, “but she told someone else and I was listening.” Who can argue with eavesdropping when the conversation is being held in the church gymnasium in full hearing of all there AND the information gleaned can be “helpful.”


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