Summer comes to Southeast Texas

We have had the coolest summer EVER. . .by that I mean actual temperature. Normally by this time we are suffering through dry, dry, tinder dry conditions--blazing hot days with lots of humidity and big black clouds in the afternoon that tempt us with the possibility of rain but only bring heavier humidity and thunder …

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Note to self

Even when EVERYONE SWEARS that spray paint will do the job and unless you are painting wicker baskets, just buy the can and a brush.


My friend over at Bringing Up Daisy has updated her "about" page. You might like to read why she started her blog in her own words. Those words of hers happen to have made me cry. . .which I've been known to do on occasion. . .and mostly because I love her and have traveled …

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One of my favorite Christian artists is Chris Rice. One of my favorite Chris Rice songs is "Clumsy." If I could figure out how to get it on here, I'd do it, but the words will have to suffice for now. I give you "Clumsy"--the theme song of my life. Clumsy by Chris Rice You …

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